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Editor: Sem Hadland
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Me: Howdy, my name is Sem Hadland and I am the Webmaster of this site. I have been a fan for as long as I remember and started collecting Metallica items back in 1988. I now have more than 500 different official items in my collection, most of which you can see in the discography here. I am born in the year of 1972, lives in Metalli-Norway, Metalli-marriaged with Metallikidz.

Live: I have seen the band live several times, the first time in 1988 and I met them for the first time in 1992. Yepp, I sleep, eat and shit Metallica.

The site: I started the site in spring 1996, and it has grown a lot since then. I always update it to meet your needs, daily, but please remember, I need all the help I can get to make it even better. Feel free to send me gig report, news, reviews or whatever. I will of course credit you for the job. Encyclopedia Metallica is a site for the fans, by the fans.

The name: I found the name "Encyclopedia Metallica" on an old book about heavy metal by Brian Harrigan and Malcolm Dome. I later heard that it was from this book Ron Quintana found the name "Metallica" which Lars stole from him.

Facts: The site has more than 10,000 pages and more than 900,000 posts has been posted on the message forum since it opened. There are about 120,000 visits on the domains on a regular week. 81% of the visitors are males, 68% students, 78% have bookmarked the site and 82% of the visitors are here once a week of more often.

What Metallica say! Jason told me that he liked the site when I meet him backstage in 1998 in Norway. Rob also sent me an email to fix some errors in his biography I posted a few days after he officially joined the band. Metallica has also given me a ESP KH-503 guitar, several multi platinum albums and other goodies bacause of the site. In May 2003 they also invited me to Los Angeles for the MTV ICON show, the first gig with Rob. They even paid my flight from Norway and hotel. Yes, it is worth being a webmaster, even if it takes way too much of my time.

Christian Herwig
The brain behind the equipment pages and the song interpretations. from Germany.

"Well I'm listening to Metallica since the "Black Album" days when I was around 7 years old. My first album was "... And Justice For All" which is probably the most wicked technical album by the met-dudes. Although I'm also listening to a few different music styles [no, I'm NOT talking about polka :-)] Metallica kinda have been THE band I'm sticking to for the longest time."

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Also worth mentioning
Phil Boyle
The master of the tabs on encycmet.com until I got a letter from Metallicas lawyers telling me to take them down.

Hector Hector:
Die hard collector from England who has been a great recource and help with the discography. Hector has his own Metallica site which you can check out here.He is also happy to answer any questions about Metallica CD/vinyl releases or valuations (within reason).

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