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book_cover.jpg - 10145 Bytes FUEL & FIRE, the book
My Metallica book is back in stock again, and if you don't have it, buy it now. It has 200 pages, some of them in color.

A review on amazon say "This book is the most detailed Metallica book I have ever seen. There are so many items in the book not only the text but with tons of pictures so you know what to look for. Do yourself a favour and buy this book. I call it the bible for Metallica fans"

By getting a copy you will also support your favourite website Encyclopedie Metallica. See below how to order the book online, or from your local bookstore. By it now and receive a free interview CD.

   - By Sem Hadland, yepp, that's me
   - Released by Collectors Guide Publishing, Canada
   - Distributed worldwide
   - 200 Pages
   - 16 Pages in colors
   - With FREE interview CD!
   - 700 photos and cover scans
   - More than you can handle
   - Overall good reviews

   1. The complete Metallica history
   2-11. Complete discography
   12 Video discography
   13 Bootlegs and interview discs
   14 Rare recordings
   15 The Metallica family tree
   16 Cover tunes

Bonus: Free interview CD
   1. Kristy Knight intro (0:54)
   2. James Hetfield May 1996 (8:31)
   3. Kristy Knight intro (0:26)
   4. Kirk Hammett August 1991 (10:23)
   5. Kristy Knight intro (0:29)
   6. Jason Newsted February 1996 (16:07)

Order here:

Or get it in your local bookstore
To order from a bookstore, you need the following information:
   -Publisher: Collectors Guide Publishing, Inc
   -ISBN: 1896522092
   -Title: The Illustrated Collector's Guide to Metallica : Fuel & Fire
   -By: Sem Hadland


   A few scans from the
   book. Click thumb-
   nails for full view

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