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Dane DeHaan revealed details of the upcoming Metallica Through the Never in an interview with Collider.com. He said that the movie is set to be "like a 3D concert movie", but with "narrative that ties together all the footage."

Dane DeHaan gained acclaim for his performance in the movie Chronicle and the TV series In Treatment. He is set to appear as Harry Osborn in the Amazing Spider-Man 2, and the release of Metallica Through The Never is expected to happen this August.

It's going to be "really rock and roll and really... Metallica", DeHaan said in the Collider.com interview. DeHaan explains that his character is a roadie who ends up going through "hell and back", all of which is going on during the concert. He says everything ties together "beautifully and uniquely... unlike anything that I've ever seen before." It is like a "concert movie meets The Wall meets Metallica."

The live concert footage was shot during Metallica's August 2012 performance at Rogers Arena in Canada, according to StubHub, which sells Metallica tickets. Metallica sold tickets to the event at a reduced price of $5 and donated the proceeds to charity. Fans not only grabbed a bargain, but now they stand a chance of appearing in the movie.

Metallica Through the Never is the brainchild of screenwriter and director Nimród Antal, the main behind Predators. Metallica blogged about the movie in January, thanked fans who participated in filming, and revealed that the project is coming to theaters on August 9 2013:

We're back with an update on that little project we told you about last year... the Metallica 3D movie filmed in Vancouver in August of 2012. Some of you were kind enough to be a huge part of our three nights of filming and may be wondering just what the heck has been happening since then. Throughout the Fall and first part of this year, we've been working with director Nimród Antal and a team of editors to pull all the pieces together and so we are beyond excited to now actually have a release date and a title... drum-roll please, "Metallica Through The Never" coming to theatres on August 9!

The band revealed that recently relaunched Picturehouse is set to distribute the film. Picturehouse has an exclusive deal with Netflix, which means that the film will be available online shortly after its theatrical release.

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