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... And justice for all - Promo single
Title track from the album, released as promotional single to promote the album. This is a very long song, almost ten minutes, so in USA they made an edit version to get more airplay.

The 3 track sampler is titled "...And justice for all - Metallipromo" does not include the song Justice, but instead the 3 same songs as on the European "Harvester of sorrow" maxi single. This item has a unique cover and is numbered.

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    And justice for all - Promo : 12Inch vinyl-promo
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    12Inch_vinyl-promo  USA  Elektra  1988  ED 5396 Full / edit version in factory sleeveMore info

    And justice for all - Promo : Testpress
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    Testpress  USA  Elektra  1988  ED 5396 White label test press with plain sleeveMore info