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Garage Inc.
In 1987 Metallica released the Garage days EP to introduce Jason Newsted to the fans. This 5 tracker was only available for a limited time and soon became a collectors item. Many bootleg copies were spread, so instead of just releasing the same item again they recorded 11 tunes and added some rare B-side covers. The result is the double CD set called Garage Inc.

In USA malls wount sell albums with nasty language, so Elektra did a cencored "clean version" with a peep where the f-words are supposed to be.

As always you will find something extra in Japan, good quality booklet on the CD and of cource complete set of lyrics.

On the CDR promo, which is probably the first version printed, Track 11 on CD1 is listed as "the more i see (includes hidden track)".

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    Garage Inc : 3x12Inch vinyl
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    3x12Inch_vinyl  England  Vertigo  1998  538 351-1 First editionMore info
    3x12Inch_vinyl  EU  Vertigo  2001  538 351-1 Re-release on 180g vinyl. Metallica.com mentioned in gatefoldMore info
    3x12Inch_vinyl  USA  Elektra  1998  62299-1 Tripple album with printsMore info

    Garage Inc : 2CD
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    2CD  Australia  Phonogram/Vertigo  1998  538 351-2 More info
    2CD  Canada  Elektra  1998  CD-62299 Sticker on coverMore info
    2CD  England  Vertigo  1998  538 351-2 Sticker on coverMore info
    2CD  Germany  Vertigo  1998  538 351-2 Sticker on coverMore info
    2CD  Germany  Vertigo  1998  538 351-2 Sticker on coverMore info
    2CD  Japan  SME Records  1998  SRCS 8809-10 Lyrics and OBI strip. First print w/ posterMore info
    2CD  Korea  Polygram/Vertigo  1998  DP3801 Clean version. StickeredMore info
    2CD  Malaysia  Vertigo  1998  538-754-2 Clean version, omits So whatMore info
    2CD  South Africa  Vertigo/Polygram  1998  DARCD-3028 More info
    2CD  Taiwan  Polygram/Vertigo  1998  538-351-2 OBI strip and sticker, disc made in AustraliaMore info
    2CD  USA  Elektra  1998  62323-2 Clean version, stickeredMore info
    2CD  USA  Elektra  1998  62299-2 Sticker on coverMore info

    Garage Inc : 2CD-promo
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    2CD-promo  England  Vertigo  1998  CD#1/CD#2 Promo CDR copy in individual coversMore info
    2CD-promo  England  Vertigo  1998  538-351-2 Sticker and promo sticker on backMore info
    2CD-promo  USA  Elektra  1998  62299-2 Gold stamped promo sticker on frontMore info
    2CD-promo  USA  Elektra  1998  62323-2 Promo sticker on cover. Clean versionMore info