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This album was a big step for Metallica when it was released. The songs are much shorter and they attracted many new fans after this CD or double vinyl. Many singles were released from the album named "Metallica" or "The black album" as many prefer to say. It will always be THE Metallica album. VH1 made an episode of "Classic Albums" about the masterpiece and it has been on Billboard top 200 since it was released.

The CD insert is folded as a poster in Europe, as a banner in the states and as a booklet in Japan.

Collectors should seek out the Metallican which includes t-shirt and other goodies, and don't forget the DVD-audio format that gives you 6-channel advanced resolution surround sound technology and advanced resolution stereo.

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    Metallica : 2x12Inch vinyl
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  Argentina  Polygram/Vertigo  1991  29344-5 More info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  Brazil  Polygram/Vertigo  1991  510-022-1 InnersleevesMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  Colombia  Phillips/Vertigo  1991  510-022-1 Gatefold sleeve with lyricsMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  England  Vertigo  1991  510-022-1 No country listed, sticker on coverMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  EU  Vertigo  2001  510 022-1 re-release on 180g vinyl. Metallica.com on the innersleeveMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  EU  Vertigo  2000  SVLP 207 180g virgin vinyl. Lyrics insert. Sealed in PVC valletMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  Greece  Polygram/Vertigo  1991  510-022-1 With innersleevesMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  Holland  Vertigo  1991  510 022-1 Swirl labels and innersleeveMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  Hungary  MCC/Vertigo  1991  PL-MCC-9125 More info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  Korea  Polygram/Vertigo  1991  RP-2266 Grey snake on sleeve, different innersleevesMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  Mexico  Polygram/Vertigo  1991  510-022-1 More info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  Portugal  Polygram/Vertigo  1991  510-022-1 InnersleevesMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  South Africa  Polygram/Vertigo  1991  STARL-5856 InnersleevesMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  Spain  Polygram/Vertigo  1991  510-022-1 InnersleevesMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  USA  Elektra  1991  9-61113-1 Innersleeves, some stickeredMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  Yugoslavia  RTB/Vertigo  1991  320-125 More info

    Metallica : 2x12Inch vinyl-promo
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    2x12Inch_vinyl-promo  Argentina  Polygram/Vertigo  1991  29344-5 Promo labelsMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl-promo  Brazil  Polygram/Vertigo  1991  510-022-1 Promo sticker on back sleeve. Inner sleevesMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl-promo  England  Vertigo  1991  510-022-1 Advance copy with photo and biographyMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl-promo  EU  Vertigo  2000  SVLP 207 Promo with generic simply vinyl sleeve and labelsMore info

    Metallica : CD
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    CD  Argentina  Vertigo  1991  510 022-2 Without snake on front coverMore info
    CD  Australia  Phonogram/Vertigo  1991  510 022-2 More info
    CD  Australia  Phonogram/Vertigo  1993  510-022-2 Gold edition with printed signatures on coverMore info
    CD  Brazil  Polygram  2000  510 022-2 Limited millenium edition with different coverMore info
    CD  C.S.F.R.  Popron/Vertigo  1991  50-148-2 More info
    CD  Canada  Elektra  1991  CD-61113 Sticker on coverMore info
    CD  England  Vertigo  1991  510-022-2 Silver discMore info
    CD  England  Vertigo  1991  510-022-2 Silver swirled discMore info
    CD  France  Phonogram/Vertigo  1991  510-022-2 More info
    CD  Germany  Vertigo  1991  510-022-2 With silver embossed leather coverMore info
    CD  Germany  Vertigo  1991  510 022-2 More info
    CD  Hong kong  Universal/Epic  2000  l-346 Red disc made in Germany for exportMore info
    CD  Hong kong  Columbia/sony  1991  SMP-3057-2 Bonus track: so whatMore info
    CD  Israel  Helicon/Vertigo  1991  510-022-2 More info
    CD  Japan  Sony  1991  SRCS 5577 bonus track So what. OBI-strip and biography insertMore info
    CD  Korea  Polygram/Vertigo  1992  DP-0045 Korean album review in booklet, grey snake on coverMore info
    CD  Malaysia  Vertigo  1991  510-022-2 More info
    CD  Mexico  Vertigo  1991  510-022-2 More info
    CD  Poland  Vertigo  1991  SPB-CD-017 Made in Germany, exported to PolandMore info
    CD  Singapore  Universal/Vertigo  2000  510-022-2 Gold CD with free blank gold award discMore info
    CD  USA  Elektra  1991  9 61113-2 More info
    CD  USA  Elektra  1991  9-61113-2 1st press with long box cover and stickerMore info
    CD  USA  Elektra  1993  9-61113-2 Second press in normal caseMore info

    Metallica : CD-promo
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    CD-promo  Brazil  Polygram/Vertigo  1991  510-022-2 Blue text on disc .Promo sticker on back coverMore info
    CD-promo  france  Phonogram/Vertigo  1991  510-022-2 7inch envelope cover, promo sticker and insertsMore info
    CD-promo  Japan  Sony  1991  SRCS-5577 Promo sticker, OBI strip, lyrics and bonus trackMore info
    CD-promo  USA  Elektra  1991  9 61113-2 Cut out promoMore info

    Metallica : Box
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    Box  Australia  Vertigo  1993  510-022-2 Tin can with T-shirt, CD single, badge, snake and sweetsMore info
    Box  England  Vertigo  1992  MECAN 1 Tincan with gold CD, T-shirt etcMore info

    Metallica : Testpress
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    Testpress  Brazil  Polygram/Vertigo  1991  510-022-1 White label test pressMore info
    Testpress  Zimbabwe  Vertigo  1991  DARL-3032 Single album in factory sleeve, 6 tracks onlyMore info

    Metallica : Missprint
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    Missprint  Canada  Elektra  1991  CD-61113 Missprint, CD plays some Mexican musicMore info