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The first real hit for Metallica, and also the first video. It has "The prince" as B-side in the US, while some tracks recorded live in Dallas February 1989 ended on the European releases. There are just too many different versions. You can collect for years and still miss some items. Look out for the picture disc and vinyl 7" promos with covers.

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    One : CD
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    CD  England  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  METCD-5 Black disc. v/s Bells and Sanitarium liveMore info
    CD  Germany  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  874-155-2 3Inch disc. v/s Seek and destroy liveMore info
    CD  Germany  Vertigo  1988  874 155-2 With lyricsMore info
    CD  Japan  CBS/Sony  1989  10EP-3077 3" red disc. 2nd print with insert. v/s BreadfanMore info
    CD  Japan  CBS/Sony  1989  10EP-3077 3" silver disc. 3rd print with insert. v/s BreadfanMore info
    CD  USA  Elektra  1993  65920-2 Backtrack re-release withMore info
    CD  USA  Elektra  1989  9-69329-2 3" disc in longbox. v/s The princeMore info

    One : CD-promo
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    CD-promo  Japan  CBS/Sony  1989  10EP-3077 3" red disc. 1st print with Promo sticker and insert. v/s BreadfanMore info
    CD-promo  USA  Elektra  1988  PR 8044-2 Promo with full and LP versionMore info

    One : 7Inch vinyl
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    7Inch_vinyl  Australia  Polygram/Vertigo  1989  874-066-7 Vertigo labels. v/s Seek and destroy liveMore info
    7Inch_vinyl  England  Vertigo  1989  METP 5 With unfolded poster. Brown labelsMore info
    7Inch_vinyl  England  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  METP 5 Brown labels. v/s Seek liveMore info
    7Inch_vinyl  England  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  METP 5 Silver labels. v/s Seek liveMore info
    7Inch_vinyl  France  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  874-066-7 '33 tours' printed on cover. v/s Seek liveMore info
    7Inch_vinyl  Germany  Vertigo  1988  874 066-7 / METAL 5 Silver label. v/s Seek and destroy (live)More info
    7Inch_vinyl  USA  Elektra  1988  7-69329 v/s The princeMore info
    7Inch_vinyl-promo  USA  Elektra  1988  7-69329 Edit version on both sides. In regular coverMore info
    7Inch_vinyl  USA  Elektra  1993  65920-7 Spun gold re-issue in plain sleeve. v/s Eye of the beholderMore info

    One : 7Inch vinyl-promo
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    7Inch_vinyl-promo  England  Vertigo  1988  METDJ5 Photo promo cover, blue and silver labelsMore info
    7Inch_vinyl  France  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  874-066-7 Promo sticker on back. Silver labels. v/s Seek liveMore info
    7Inch_vinyl-promo  Japan  CBS/Sony  1989  XDSP 93114 Black and red insert. Only 60 pressedMore info

    One : 12Inch vinyl
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    12Inch_vinyl  Australia  Polygram/Vertigo  1989  874-076-1 Plays at 33RPM. UFO labels. v/s bells and Sanitarium liveMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Brazil  PolyGram / Vertigo  1989  874067 1 UFO labelsMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  England  Vertigo  1989  METG 512 Collectors edition with gatefold sleeve and demo version,More info
    12Inch_vinyl  England  Vertigo  1988  874 067-1 / METAL512 Yellow labelMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Europe  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  874-067-1 No country listed. v/s Bells and Sanitarium liveMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Greece  Polygram/Vertigo  1989  874-067-1 Plays at 45RPM. v/s Bells and Sanitarium liveMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Spain  Polygram/Vertigo  1989  874-067-1 Plays at 45RPM. v/s Bells and Sanitarium liveMore info

    One : 12Inch vinyl-promo
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    12Inch_vinyl-promo  England  Vertigo  1988  METDJ 512 DJ copy with unique coverMore info
    12Inch_vinyl-promo  USA  Elektra  1988  ED 5349 Edit and full version in factory sleeveMore info

    One : 10Inch vinyl-Picture disc
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    10Inch_vinyl-Picture_disc  England  Vertigo  1989  METPD 510 / 874 066-0 Nice picture disc with insert cardMore info

    One : Testpress
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    Testpress  Brazil  Polygram/Vertigo  1989  874-076-1 12" White label testpressMore info
    Testpress  England  Vertigo  1989  METPD 510 White test pressing of the 10" picture discMore info
    Testpress  England  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  METAL-5 7" testpress. Labels with typed details. v/s Seek liveMore info