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Ride the lightning
Metallicas second album. Got good reviews, but many fans said "Oh no there is a ballad on the album, Metallica has sold out". Of cource they were talking about "Fade to black", but as time went on, Metallica proved that they hadn't sold out. Creeping death is the only single from this album.

METALLICA - Ride the lightning (Photo: Sem Hadland)

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    Ride the lightning : 12Inch vinyl
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    12Inch_vinyl  Argentina  Polygram/Vertigo  1990  29225 Tracks written in Spanish. No innersleeveMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Australia  Polygram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-1 Lyrics insertMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Brazil  RGE  1987  304-7060 Thin cover.More info
    12Inch_vinyl  Brazil  Polygram/Vertigo  1990  838-140-1 No innersleeve.More info
    12Inch_vinyl  Canada  Banzai  1984  BRC-1909 White labelsMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Canada  Elektra  1984  96-03961 No innersleeveMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Canada  Banzai  1984  BRC-1909 Black labelsMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Columbia  Phillips/Vertigo  1990  838-140-1 Black and white back coverMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  England  Music for nations  1984  MFN-27 No barcode on cover. Biege labelsMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  England  Music for nations  1984  MFN-27 Red & yellow labels.More info
    12Inch_vinyl  Equador  Polygram/Vertigo  1990  LP-31022 More info
    12Inch_vinyl  EU  Vertigo  2001  838-140-1 Re-release on 180g vinyl. Metallica.com mentioned on the innersleeveMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Europe  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-1 Innersleeve and UFO labelsMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Europe  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-1 Yellow labelsMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Finland  MFN/Unitor oy Finland  1984  MFN-27 Missprinted white labelsMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  France  Bernett  1984  SB 18026 Missprint. Green cover instead of blueMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  France  Music for nations  1983  MFN-27 Biege labels with "made in france", no barcodeMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  France  Music for nations  1987  MFN-27 Cover say "Made in France" with a barcodeMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  France  New electric way  1987  2337 New Electric Way labelsMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Greece  Polygram/Vertigo  1992  838-140-1 Light blue cover, no innersleeveMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Guatemala  Polygram/Vertigo  1990  838-140-1 More info
    12Inch_vinyl  Holland  Roadrunner  1984  RR-9849 White Roadrunner labelsMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  India  Polygram/Vertigo/MIL  1989  838-140-1 Thin cover with black edge.More info
    12Inch_vinyl  Japan  Nexus  1984  K25P-501 OBI stipMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Korea  Phonogram/Vertigo  1990  SEL-RP-2026 Insert and blue Vertigo labelsMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Mexico  Polygram/Vertigo  1990  LPR-23068 Tracklisting in English and SpanishMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Spain  Phonogram/Vertigo  1991  838-140-1 Innersleeve and "Madrid 28001" address on coverMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Spain  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-1 No innersleeve, nor sheet.More info
    12Inch_vinyl  USA  Elektra  1984  9-60396-1 Innersleeve.More info
    12Inch_vinyl  USA  Megaforce  1984  MRI-769 Inserts in the first 10,000 copiesMore info
    12Inch_vinyl  Venezuela  Polygram/Vertigo  1990  20-077l More info

    Ride the lightning : 2x12Inch vinyl
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  France  Music for nations  1987  MFN 27 DM Limited double album with gatefold sleeveMore info
    2x12Inch_vinyl  France/England  Music for nations  1987  MFN-27DM Double LP. Labels say "made in england"More info

    Ride the lightning : 12Inch vinyl-Picture disc
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    12Inch_vinyl-Picture_disc  England  Music for nations  1986  MFN-27P 2nd print with barcode.More info
    12Inch_vinyl-Picture_disc  England  Music for nations  1984  MFN 27 P First print without bar-codeMore info

    Ride the lightning : 12Inch vinyl-promo
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    12Inch_vinyl-promo  Argentina  Polygram/Vertigo  1990  29225 Silver stamp promo. titles in SpanishMore info
    12Inch_vinyl-promo  Brazil  RGE  1987  304-7060 Gold stamp promoMore info
    12Inch_vinyl-promo  Brazil  Polygram/Vertigo  1990  838-140-1 Promo stickerMore info
    12Inch_vinyl-promo  Canada  Elektra  1984  96-03961 Gold stamp promo. No innersleeve.More info
    12Inch_vinyl-promo  Japan  Nexus  1984  K25P-501 Promo with promo sticker, OBI strip and insertMore info
    12Inch_vinyl-promo  USA  Elektra  1984  9-60396-1 Gold stamp promo. White labelsMore info

    Ride the lightning : CD
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    CD  Argentina  vertigo  1989  838-140-2 More info
    CD  Australia  Polygram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-2 Export release for Taiwan. OBI-stripMore info
    CD  Australia  Polygram/Vertigo  1993  838-140-2 Gold discMore info
    CD  Australia  Polygram/Vertigo  1993  838-140-2 Gold disc. Say "gold tour edition" on CDMore info
    CD  Australia  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-2 More info
    CD  Brazil  Polygram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-2 No barcodeMore info
    CD  Brazil  Polygram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-2 With barcode on coverMore info
    CD  Canada  Elektra  1995  CD-90396 Digital remasteredMore info
    CD  Canada  Elektra  1984  CD-60396 More info
    CD  England  Music for nations  1984  CD-MFN-27 With barcodeMore info
    CD  England  Music for nations  1984  CD-MFN-27 Without barcodeMore info
    CD  France  Music for nations  1984  CD-MFN-27 With barcodeMore info
    CD  France  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-2 More info
    CD  France  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-2 With backstage pass and stickerMore info
    CD  France  Music for nations  1984  CD-MFN-27 Without barcodeMore info
    CD  Germany  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-2 More info
    CD  Israel  Vertigo/Helicon  1989  838-140-2 More info
    CD  Japan  CBS/Sony  1988  25DP-5340 Obi strip, lyrics & posterMore info
    CD  Korea  Polygram/Vertigo  1992  DP-0076 Different back coverMore info
    CD  Mexico  Vertigo  1999  838-140-2 Millenium edition with different coverMore info
    CD  USA  Elektra  1984  9-60396-2 In longboxMore info
    CD  USA  Elektra  1984  E2-60396 Columbia Record house editionMore info
    CD  USA  DCC / Elektra  2000  GZS-1136 24 Karat gold disc re-releaseMore info
    CD  USA  Elektra  1984  9 60396-2 More info
    CD  USA  Elektra  1995  9-60396-2 Third print, remastered edition.More info

    Ride the lightning : CD-promo
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    CD-promo  Brazil  Polygram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-2 Promo sticker on backMore info
    CD-promo  Japan  CBS/Sony  1988  25DP-5340 OBI strip, lyrics, poster & promo stickerMore info

    Ride the lightning : Missprint
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    Missprint  Europe  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-1 Missprint with opera on side 2. UFO labelsMore info
    Missprint  Europe  Phonogram/Vertigo  1989  838-140-1 Label on side 1 lists Master of puppets.More info

    Ride the lightning : Testpress
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    Testpress  Brazil  RGE  1987  304-7060 White label test pressMore info
    Testpress  Brazil  Polygram/Vertigo  1990  838-140-1 White label test pressMore info
    Testpress  England  Music for nations  1984  MFN-27 White label test pressMore info
    Testpress  England  Music for nations  1986  MFN-27P Silver vinyl test press of picture discMore info
    Testpress  England  Music for nations  1986  MFN-27P White vinyl test press of picture disc.More info