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St. Anger
First album without Jason on bass. Rob became a new member of the band after the recording, so it is Bob Rock who does the bass playing. He is also the producer of the album. With St.Anger Pushead is back. He did the album cover and is known for his skull designs which you can find on other Metallica releases like the singles One, Harvester of Sorrow and Eye of the beholder. Be sure to get the free DVD with your St.Anger album
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    St Anger : CD
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    CD  Germany  Vertigo  2003  0602498653272 Digipack with CD and DVDMore info
    CD  USA  Elektra  2003  62853-2 Digipack with CD and DVDMore info

    St Anger : box
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    Box  Japan  Sony  2003  SICP 487-489 Box with t-shirt and necklaceMore info