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Until it sleeps
When it was released in May 1996 "Until it sleeps" was the first new Metallica track to be released for almost 5 years. When the video was aired on MTV a lot of fans and followers said that this was not the band they knew as they had so much makeup on.

Check out the two 10 inch singles. This is a very rare format as it is smaller than an album, but bigger than a single. The red vinyl is killer and not to hard to find.

There are two interesting versions of "Until it sleeps" available on the different formats. First the FOBD which is an early "writing in progress" version which is a demo recorded on December 8, 1995 at The Plant Studios. "F.O.B.D" is a shortage of "Fell On Black Days". There are no lyrics so the melody of the vocals was just hummed by James. Second there is the "Herman Melville mix" which is a strange mix of the song done by Moby. Herman Melville is Mobys granddaddy who is famous for his book about Moby Dick.

Some of the Australian CD copies have a sticker which say "Coming soon: Until it sleeps part 2", which is odd as a part 2 don't excist.

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    Until it sleeps : CD
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    CD   Australia   Mercury/Vertigo   1996 578 145-2 3 tracks CD in paper cover More info
    CD   Canada   Elektra   1996 CD-64276 Jewel case More info
    CD   England   Vertigo   1996 METCD-12 CD part 1 More info
    CD   England   Vertigo   1996 METCX-12 CD part 2 More info
    CD   France   Vertigo   1996 578-134-2 Card cover More info
    CD   Germany   Vertigo   1996 578 134-2 Paper cover. 2 titles printed on cover More info
    CD   Germany   Vertigo   1996 578 145-2 CD Part 1 More info
    CD   Germany   Vertigo   1996 578 135-2 CD part 2 More info
    CD   Japan   Sony   1996 SRCS-8062 Promo sticker on back. OBI and lyrics More info
    CD   Japan   Sony   1996 SRCS 8062 OBI strip and lyrics. 6 tracks More info
    CD   Korea   Polygram/Vertigo   1996 DP-1680 More info
    CD   USA   Elektra   1996 64276-2 Paper cover with CD in drawer. Some stickered More info

    Until it sleeps : CD-promo
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    CD-promo   England   Vertigo   1996 METCJ 12 1 track promo without cover More info
    CD-promo   USA   Elektra   1996 PRCD 9568-2 1 track promo in jewel case cover More info

    Until it sleeps : 10Inch vinyl
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    10Inch_vinyl   England   Vertigo   1996 UK METAL 12 / INT 578 135-0 10 inch blood red vinyl with inlay More info

    Until it sleeps : 10Inch vinyl-promo
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    10Inch_vinyl-promo  Fra  Vertigo  1996  6385 10 inch promo in promo coverMore info

    Until it sleeps : 7Inch vinyl-promo
     Format  Country  Label  Year  Catalog#  Short description  More info
    7Inch_vinyl-promo  France  Vertigo  1996  METJB 12 Jukebox promo in white coverMore info
    7Inch_vinyl-promo  Italy  Vertigo  1996  as-5001-017 Has song by Mark Knopfler on side BMore info