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Kenneth Lawrence Explorer

A replica of the Kenny Lawrence Explorer This Explorer has a Chichino bark laminate and a modified headstock. Its inlays show a land scene (with cavemen around a fire). It has Sperzel locking tuners on the headstock.

  • Model: Ken Lawrence Explorer
  • Color: Chichino bark laminate (wooden)
  • Inlays: Scene from a cavemen hunting
  • Pickups: EMG-60(neck), EMG-81(bridge)
  • Hardware: 2 volume controls
  • Can be seen: "Cunning Stunts", "S&M"

    First time used live: "Load" tour
    Still used live

    A custom ESP?

    Maybe it's possible to have one like that built in the ESP custom shop. A visitor of encycmet.com reported that such a replica would cost around 3.000 (around $4.500).

    James' ESP Explorers in general:
    They are all based upon the standard ESP EXP serie and were built or overseen by Matt Masciandaro. Meanwhile the EXP serie has been replaced by the ESP EX standard serie which has a sharp shape for its ends and headstock instead of the old EXP serie which was comparable to the rounded shape of the Gibson Explorers.

    Identic to the EXP model:
    The body consists of mahogany, the neck of maple and the fingerboard (with its 22XJ [XJ=extra jumbo] frets) of rosewood. All hardware (the tune-o-matic bridge, the stop piece and tuners) is black. It has one volume control for each pickup.

    The specialty of the Kenny Lawrence Explorer:
    In difference between this Explorer-shaped guitar James' other Explorers, this one has a modified headstock. This guitar is no "stock product" - it's a special design.

    Otherwise Ken Lawrence is specialized in building hand-made basses which makes a guitar built by him even more unusual.

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