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25 Feb, 1989

City: Fayetteville
Venue: Cumberland County Auditorium
Country/ State: North Carolina

Bands on bill: Metallica, Queensryche

Opening act was Queensryche who was booed off the stage. The loudest crowd response Queens' got was when Lars stood behind their drummer and mocked him while they were playing. The next day the guys were doing a photo shoot with Ross Halfin at the hotel where they were staying.

- Ecstasy of Gold
- Blackened
- For Whom the Bell Tolls
- Sanitarium
- Harvester of Sorrow
- Eye of the Beholder
- Bass Solo
- Master of Puppets
- One
- Seek & Destroy
- And Justice For All
- Deep Purple (jam)
- Creeping Death
- Fade to Black
- Guitar Solo (Little Wing)
- Battery
- Last Caress
- Am I Evil?
- Whiplash

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