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Links in this category
1 site all about 1 Shawn. Rating:7.00 (Rate site)

Action Photographer
It wouldn't be any fun if I told you what's there, would it? Rating:2.25 (Rate site)

Alakazam's Web Page
My site with music stuff and physical fitness tips. Rating:0 (Rate site)

Andrew's Little ole page of Stuff
umm... yeah! web page was a 10 min job enjoy! Rating:4.00 (Rate site)

Cian's homepage and Metallica stuff
Cian's homepage with a Metallica section - lyrics etc. and my writing, poetry, jokes, funny pictures etc. Try. Rating:3.50 (Rate site)

Personal recordings of me on my guitar, tab and some personal info too. Rating:10.00 (Rate site)

Enigma1345's Poetry Page
There isn't anything special about my page, just my poetry, which I would like people to see. Rating:5.25 (Rate site)

Greg's Metalraider site
This site id dedicated to Metallica and the Oakland Raiders Rating:10.00 (Rate site)

Instant Karma
What makes this site so special is that I was the first person linked on this page. Rating:6.00 (Rate site)

Iron Man Music
its about my music and other shit Rating:0 (Rate site)

Joes Music/FF site
Metallica stuff, FF stuff, Nirvana, RATM, Tool, just a bit of everthing! Rating:0 (Rate site)

This site has many things including a MetallicA section, check it out for yourself Rating:1.00 (Rate site)

Jonīs Page of Whatever
Links and other stuff Rating:5.20 (Rate site)

Julien's bootleg trading page
Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Offspring and many more bootlegs for trade. Rating:5.80 (Rate site)

just my site!
nothing really special just started on it, just want people to visit and give me some advice on what to do with it, thanks. Rating:0 (Rate site)

Justin Wayne's World
Just another insane Metallica fan with a webpage. I have some info about me and also a Page devoted to Metallica with a discography. Go check it out! Rating:0 (Rate site)

Justin Wayne's World
Just a typical insane Metallica fan with a personal web page with the greatest band of all time. Rating:7.00 (Rate site)

Justins Weblog
Just my day to day thoughts. Metallica stuff too of course. Rating:0 (Rate site)

Lonnie's Site
This a site about me but it has Jokes, a ChatRoom, and Cool and Fun Guitar Tabs. So come and visit me!! Rating:8.72 (Rate site)

Lyrics Realm
Here Where to Go To Get Metallica Lyrics And Many More Bands Rating:7.50 (Rate site)

Metal Metallica
Just my little tribute to metallica Rating:0 (Rate site)

Metalhead from Holland
it's all about metal and rock: metallica, slayer, pantera, nevermore, iced earth and others,collection of pictures,links Rating:7.00 (Rate site)

Metallica Gallary
No boring photos what-so-ever. Only the pictures(drawings) of Metallica, Guns N Roses,and others. Rating:3.60 (Rate site)

Metallica's Layer
Metallica Fan site, discography, pics and chat Rating:0 (Rate site)

Salvaged metal jewelry and sculpture. KISS and METALLICA Graphics/ezine. Rating:5.40 (Rate site)

Metallica, RATM, and many other bands pllus my views on world poltics Rating:7.75 (Rate site)

Some Metallica pictures Rating:5.50 (Rate site)

Mz 'Helmsley's' Metallica Website
The usual news, pics, bio's, and links and a rumor control page Rating:0 (Rate site)

Pepper's Page
Just some crap on me and my bands. Rating:7.28 (Rate site)

Scary Guy's #1 Site
Yo, this site is just about me, my friends, and my family. Check it out if you have FREE time. Rating:10.00 (Rate site)

Seynaeve Homepage
Personal homepage of Tim and Jan Seynaeve. Includes Metallica-bootleg section, weekly quiz and funny pics! Rating:9.50 (Rate site)

Spettikens Verden
Rock'n'roll, links, hockey & humour Rating:9.83 (Rate site)

Steve & Paul's Metallica Shrine
Welcome to Our Metallica website, at this site I will have pics MP3's and much much more so please come back and visit as much as possible. Rating:8.20 (Rate site)

The Dump
Updated often plus more :) Rating:0 (Rate site)

The Hunter
Heavy metal guitarist from NY. Got audio of full songs. Pleanty of equipment info. Rating:10.00 (Rate site)

The Underworld
Has many useful/nonuseful (but interesting) downloads, has guitar lessons and tips. It is pretty much a place for everything i like. Rating:4.00 (Rate site)

The World According 2 Noah
Site about myself. Cool web links 2 check out too! Rating:10.00 (Rate site)

Timmas metal
it has stuff aboout stuff take a look Rating:0 (Rate site)

Too Lame For A Name
It's cool Rating:10.00 (Rate site)

Twinkdoggs World
It is a new site, it will have lots of metallica and sports stuff on it Rating:4.50 (Rate site)

Twisted Superstar
Links, poetry, and a bunch of other miscellaneous tidbits to keep you busy for a while. Rating:7.75 (Rate site)

WrestleSFX Online!
Links to wrestling, heavy metal, dbz, and other sites. Plus a modest sound collection. Rating:8.28 (Rate site)

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