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Serial Urinator

On a recent episode of VH1 Classic's hit weekly series "That Metal Show", Queensryche singer Geoff Tate spoke about sharing the same management as Metallica back in the late '80s and opening for the San Francisco heavy metal giants on a U.S. arena tour.

Tate said, "We toured with Metallica during the '...Justice For All' tour when we were releasing 'Operation: Mindcrime', and that band, hats off to them thank you, guys they shared their stage with us every night, shared their audience with us, gave us a leg up, and I've got nothing bad to say about Metallica; they've always handled themselves very well, I think."

When pressed for a funny Lars Ulrich story, Tate said, "Back in that day, we all partied pretty heavy, so after the show, you unwind a little bit, have a few drinks, and sometimes you'd have a few too many. But he'd always come on the bus 'Hey, how are you, guys? How're you doing?' he was usually dressed in tennis shoes and a robe. And he would urinate on our bus. And then the next day, the tour manager would hand him a bill and he'd pay it, and the next time he showed up, he'd do the same thing. He was like a serial urinator. We used to tease him about it 'God, we come on the Metallica tour and you piss on us.'"


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