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Gig report

Stockholm, Sweden Globen
Report: Daniel (Damodred on the forums)

Just wanted to share an experience with you. I saw Metallica in Stockholm on the 7th of March and was then supposed to see them again the day after. As we all know, Metallica canceled due to foodpoisoning. When the first shock disappeared I decided to drive back to Gothenburg, thinking that there was no point in staying in Stockholm any more. Halfway back, a car overtakes me but when he tries to go back in my lane he starts to spin. At 120km/h it is impossible to do anything but try to break and avoid the worst, the cars goes into pieces but we, somehow, manage to crawl out of the wrecks without any real damage. Later on it turns out I have a whiplash and now I have problem walking. Curse you James Hetfield! You owe me a new car and a new back!

Stockholm Metallica t-shirt Anyway, it wouldn't stop me from seeing them again for their replacement- gig! And boy it was a bloody great gig! Way better than the first, and the first was already good! It all started at the entrance, where I got a code for a free download of the upcoming show plus a t-shirt with changed Seek and destroy- lyrics. The lyrics goes "Stockholm on our way, oysters he will pay. Dying, one thousand deaths. Stockholm, spoilt your day. Puking, he did pay. Dying one thousands deaths. Wretching. Sick and Destroy!".

Was the 7th time I saw Metallica and I think this was the best! James voice was great in all but the opening songs, Lars did some decent footwork and everyone seemed to be filled with energy. The setlist was intense! Even though I really like songs like Bleeding Me and Turn The Page, Welcome Home (Sanitarium) and Blackened are more... Metallica.

The crowd was great, seemed to know most song. Here is the full setlist:

That was just your life
The end of the line
For whom the bell tolls
Holier than thou
Broken beat and scarred
My apocalypse
Sad but true
Welcome home (sanitarium)
The Judas kiss
The day that never comes
Master of Puppets
Nothing else matters
Enter Sandman
Am I evil?
Seek and destroy

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