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               THE ENCYCLOPEDIA METALLICA NEWSLETTER                  
                         ISSUE #7, 9 July 1998



EDITORIAL. Time for another quick newsletter. I've also included a
list of non-Metallica CDs I have for sale, hope that is OK. I will
in the next issue have a short "Metallica rarities for sale list".
This issue became too big, so I had to split it in two. 'Til next 
time, Metal up your ass

       Sem Hadland

      - SALES LIST 
      - GIG REPORT 

=== GARAGE DAYS RELEASE DATE ======================================
Metal Edge magazine reports that Metallica plans to play in Anchorage,
AK, Honolulu, HI and Mexico City, Mexico before re-entering the studio
on September 21 to record a few new cover songs for their Garage Days 
re-release. The band plans to release their compilation of covers on 
November 17th, excactly a year after Re-Load was released, which is 
also the release date set for the DVD recording of their Fort Worth,
Texas shows from May of last year. 

=== PROBLEM AT GIG ================================================
i went to metallica meltdown in rockford il. it was the largest date on
the re-load tour.  people couldnt get in because of the traffic to this
out of the way fairground was at a standstill.  people spent 7 hours in
their car with no metallica! so metallica decided to offer refunds for all
unripped tix
   Thanks to: asshol@webtv.net

=== METALLICA INTERVIEW ===========================================
The following interview was done online 3 days ago at American on-
line. Metallica is answearing many good questions, so read on.

- Hi, folks, and welcome to the Rock 103.5 chat with Metallica live from
Chicago. Let's all welcome James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett! Are you
enjoying a rare day off?
# (James) my colon is.

- How's the tour going so far, guys?
# (James) Excellent.

- Any highlights (or lowlights) so far? Strange experiences?
# (Kirk) Great. There's lots of cigarette lighters in the audience
somewhere around the end of "One."
# (James) Absolutely. Last night was definitely the best one, crowd-wise.

- Glad to hear that, James. Ready for some questions from the folks?
# Absolutely.

- How do you pick the songs you will play at your live shows? (I liked the
mix last night)
# (Kirk) We pick the ones that we can remember.

- Do they differ radically from night to night? The tunes?
# (James) Not really. We like to hone in on a set and make it sharp &
# (Kirk) Like a knife in your face. Like a loaded gun pointed at your face.

- Hi guys..I cant wait to see you guys on tour at Giants and in Hartford.
Is there gonna be an appearance of "Fixxxer" on the setlist at either of
those shows? Thanks for playing "Killing Time" down in Melbourne for
Scaryguy98..You made us all happy ;)
# (Kirk) Yes, you'll hear something. Thanks.

- Hey Jaymz, what's the story behind playing most of the new stuff inThe
key of E flat or half step down tuning?
# (James) It's to scare you more.
# (Kirk) It's easier to bend strings.
# (James) Slightly easier on the throat as well.
# (Kirk) And slightly heavier.

- What do you think of this new wave of "metal" like KoRn and Coal Chamber
that disgraces the great music that we all know and love?
# (Kirk) Change is good. Nuff said. 

- I have a question for James. How's fatherhood treating you?
# (James) Excellent. I get pictures daily through the wonder of email.

- I bet it makes it hard to be on the road, right?
# (James) It was definitely more difficult to leave this time than it ever
has been.

- Do you think that future songs are going to have a different feel,Or
effect, now that James is a father, and three of you are married?
# (James) More songs about murder, maybe.
# (Kirk)And crimes of passion.

- Will Metallica ever do an unplugged set similar to the radio gig they
# (Kirk) Every night we do a short acoustic set. Coming soon to a backyard
near you.

- How do you guys feel about people who say that Metallica sold out?
# (James): I can tell you it was sold out last night for sure!

- 6Oscar: Thanks James and Kirk. Welcome, Lars Ulrich and Jason Newsted!
Ready for some questions from the fans?
# Absolutely

- Why did you guys calm down your music from being real heavy? What Were
your reasons?
# (Lars) We didn't.

- Are there plans for another album soon?
# (Lars): Look for one on November 17.
# (Jason) An album of cover songs. It's both "Garage Days" with additional

- I understand that Lars has his own record label now and that a band from
Chicago may get signed by them. Any truth to that rumour?
# (Lars) I can't confirm or deny that.

- You guys seem so close to your fans. Was that always your intent from
the start? 
# (Lars) It's not something you do on purpose, it's the way we are, man. 

- I saw your concert last night in Rockford. It ruled. Where did you come
up with the idea for the acoustic stuff?
# (Jason) From Neil Young's benefit last year. It was an experiment and it

- A local violinist, Rachel Barton, has recorded some of your music quite
sucessfully. Have you heard her versions of "One" and "Fade to Black?" If
so what is your opinion of them?
# (Jason) Yes, we've heard them and they're very good.

- Are you flattered when you hear covers of your songs?
# (Jason): Yes. It's always interesting to me. Mostly I like it.
# (Lars) I think people should cover our songs regardless of what the
result is or how we feel about it.

- What's up guyz. I'm going to see you at Giants Stadium next Friday. Is
the rumour true that Howard Stern will sing the "na-na-na-na" part in
"Memory Remains?"
# (Jason) Yes, we hope he's there to do that.

- Jason, you've been getting some writing credits for other bands
Question: (Sepultura, Voivod, Jim Martin). When will see more of you in
# (Jason) When the day comes.

- I heard that at the concert last night, you guys were scheduled to Play
"Damage Inc." What happened?
# (Jason) You heard wrong.

- Hey Metallica, are you going to be expanding sonically even more in the
near future?
# (Jason) You betcha.

- Will you ever play "Dyers Eve" in the future?
# (Lars) As long as I write the set lists, no.

- Is there anyway you could come back to Chicago next year instead of In
two years?
# (Lars): Please write down the following bank account information . . .
That was a joke.

- Will you ever tour with Megadeath in the U.S. and will we ever see Dave
Mustaine on stage with Metallica in Chicago?
# (Lars) Please write down Dave Mustaine's bank account info . . .

- Lars, Jason, what's up with the new cover album? Any kinda idea for what
the extra songs will be?
# (Lars) We're throwing lots of ideas around at the moment.

- Speaking of covers.... who would you like to see cover a Metallica song?
Any dream artists?
# (Jason) MetallicABBA.
# (Lars) Barbra Streisand.

- Any particular song? And would you back her?
# (Lars) "Dyers Eve."

- Jason I loved your bass solo last night when did u start playing bass?
# (Jason) In 1978 or so.

- I think it rocks you have that "Ecstacy of Gold" thing back...are you
planning on bringing any other old concert traditions back?
# (Lars) I don't PLAN anything . . . stuff around here happens very

- What is your favorite song that you've done?
# (Lars) It changes all the time, at the moment it's "Bleeding Me."
# (Jason) "Outlaw Torn" or "Dyers Eve."

- I was wondering if Metallica ever feels that they have gotten too Large,
and do they mind the popularity they've received in the last few years?
# (Lars) Too large? I'm back down to my touring weight of 132. Actually,
given a choice, I'd rather do what we do and be popular than not.

=== GIG REPORT ====================================================
Just hours ago I got back from the Metallica show in Illinois at Winnebago
County Fairgrounds. My friends and I had to drive about a 100 miles there
and did a lot of standing, which made the whole thing less enjoyable. But
anyway I'll start with the first two opening acts, Days of the New were
alright and Jerry Cantrell was cool. HE played a couple of AIC tunes plus
a Pink Floyd song. Now by the time he was done I was as close as possible,
without being a Metclub member. I was super tired before Metallica even
hit the stage, so I moved back a bit. When they came out they opened with
Helpless, then Puppets (the whole thing), Of Wolf and Man, The Thing That
Should Not Be,Fuel, Memory Remains, and Bleeding Me. By now I was almost
dead so I had to buy some shitty lemonade. I missed some songs but I still
heard them, so I'm not sure the order. Then Wherever I May Roam, Nothin
Else Matters, Fight Fire w Fire,Untill It Sleeps, King Nothing, One. Then
I came back for the acoustic. They played Low Man's Lyric, Four Horsemen,
and Motorbreath. After those was Sad But True, Enter Sandman, and Creeping
Death. Overall I didn't like the set as
much as others. Totally ignored Kill Em All and all the classics like,
Whom the Bell Tolls, Seek Destroy, Fade to Black, Am I Evil, Last Caress,
and Battery. The Load tour was much better.

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