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                THE ENCYCLOPEDIA METALLICA NEWSLETTER                  
                         ISSUE #2, 5 June 1998



EDITORIAL. Time for the second Encyc-met newsletter, a short one this
time. First, welcome to all the new members, currently there is 777
members to this list. Remember, you will always find the latest news and
stuff on the web-page at http://home.sol.no/~shadland

    Sem Hadland

=== PRIMUS DO METALLICA COVER ======================================
Primus do a very nice version of "The Thing That Should Not Be" on their
new album - Rhinoplasty. It was released here in Europe the 19th of May,
and will be out in the US in the middle of June. 

=== GIG-REPORT ======================================================
G-day. I saw Metallica recently in Australia in Newcastle on Thursday the
2nd of April and again in Sydney on Saturday the 4th.   They were two
great shows.  

On both occasions the band came on to the stage while the houselights were
still on with James and the band playing the riff from Bad Seed. 

On the Thursday night they then opened with So What followed 
by Master of Puppets, Sad But True, Ain't My Bitch, King Nothing, Fuel,
The Memory Remains, Until it Sleeps, Bleeding Me, One, Kill/Ride Medley.
They then came out and played acoustic versions of Four Horsemen and
Motorbreath as well as Low Man's lyric. They then closed the set with
Enter Sandman and Battery.  

The day after the Newcastle there was a front page article in the local
paper about how loud the concert was and how people living miles  away
complained about it, apparently Metallica were using a new French Sound
System and boy did it make for some ear ringing noise.  
In Sydney the set list remained pretty much the same except So What was
replaced by the Last Caress, Devil's Dance was  played  instead of the
Memory Remains and the band closed with Damage Inc.  

This was the first time i had been to see Metallica and the loud 
great music mixed in with some unreal pyrotechnics particularly during 
Fuel and One made these two nights I will never forget.

Thanks to: 
Brendan Nielsen.

=== REVIEW ==========================================================
APOCALYPTICA - Inquisition Symphony
Many of you have heard of Apocalyptica, the group of four Finnish cello
players who covered Metallica songs on their first album. Well, I was just
at the record shop at lunch, and lo' and behold, on the new arrivals rack
in the metal section, a new Apocalyptica album!

So, I picked it up. This album isn't all Metallica covers, but just four:
Bellz, Nothing Else, Fade and One. They also cover a couple of tunes by
Faith No More, Pantera and Sepultura and include a couple of original
compositions. The track listing:

1. Harmageddon (original)
2. From Out Of Nowhere (Faith No More)
3. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica)
4. Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)
5. Refuse/Resist (Sepultura)
6. M.B. (original)
7. Inquisition Symphony (Sepultura)
8. Fade To Black (Metallica)
9. Domination (Pantera)
10. Toreador (original)
11. One (Metallica)

Just listening to it as I type this, Nothing Else Matters sounds like it
was written for cello's, it sounds amazing. If you haven't picked up the
first Apocalyptica album, and are looking for a new spin on Metallica, do
yourself a favour and pick up one of their albums. 

Thanks to:
David Jirku      

=== HELP NEEDED ====================================================
Are you a metalli-writer? I need more reviews, gig-report, stories or
whatever for this newsletter. Please send anything to me at
mailto:sem@asterisk.no. I will of course credit you with name, e-mail
address and a link to your site. Thanks in advance.

=== FREE WEBTOOLS ==================================================
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