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                     ISSUE #125, 18 Apr 2001 
EDITORIAL. I will use this space to tell you that I have had some 
problems with the e-mail for two weeks or so, so if you sent me a
note and didn't get a reply, please send it again. There was also
some trouble with the message forums, but everything is fine now.
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                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)


==== ACTION SPORTS AND MUSIC =====================================
Metallica won an award at the "ESPN Action Sports & Music Award". 
Yeah, there is an award for everything, this time the category 
was "Action Sports & Music Artist Contribution". Congrats' 
from encycmet.com. 

Many of the sports winners gave thanks to family, friends, agents 
and sponsors. Metallica even gave a shout out to their sponsors - 
Absolute Vodka and the Columbian drug cartel. Skier of the Year, 
Shane McKonkey, got the crowd going with his mullet from hell. He 
then went through basic thanks, which again included Metallica. 
"Every time I jump off of something huge, yeah, you guys are in 
my head" he said. 

==== EXPN INTERVIEW ==============================================
EXPN.com caught up with Metallica, winners of the Action Sports 
and Music Artist Contribution Award, backstage at the awards. Check 
out what the boys had to say 

EXPN.COM: What do you think of the Action Sports and Music Awards? 
HAMMETT: I love the looseness of it. It was very good - it was very 
not snotty, which is what you get at a lot of music awards shows. 
Yeah, you get a lot of arrogance. 
HETFIELD: Especially when you have those dorks from Metallica who 
went up early and "yeah, we won an award!" 

EXPN.COM: How do you feel about taking athletes to the next level 
with your music? 
HAMMETT: Dude, those athletes take us to the next level! 
HETFIELD: Okay, dude! 
ULRICH: It's really awesome. All these great people came up and 
told us how much our music has meant to them. It's really awesome. 

EXPN.COM: Do you guys ski, snowboard, skate? Ever involved with that? 
ULRICH: I ski. 
HETFIELD: Snowboard, skated until I broke everything and stopped. 
And, um, went on to safer things, like motorcycles and guns. 
HAMMETT: Hey, don't forget the javelin catching. 

==== ABOUT THE FUTURE ============================================
Metallica continues its search for a new bass player, although 
James, Lars, and Kirk are in no hurry to find the replacement for 
Jason. As Hetfield said on Saturday (April 7) interview with 
launch.com, "We're entertaining the thought of actually thinking of 
starting looking for a bass player maybe at some point in time 
either today or next year." 

Lars said that the group's plan for anything beyond that is just as 
tentative. They're considering getting started on writing a new 
album "in the next couple of months," but that there will probably 
not be a new Metallica album any time in 2001. 

"Definitely next year. You know, we put our four records in four 
years, the last four years of the '90s, and I don't think anybody's 
particularly missing Metallica. We want to get back to it, just the 
three of us, make some music together, the three of us. We want to 
take our time finding the right person to fill in Jason's spot. We 
talked about potentially playing a couple of live shows at some 
point when we find that person... 

"I mean, we're at a point right now with Metallica where we can do 
anything. There's nothing in front of us. We want to jam for a 
while, we want to write for a while, we want to play some shows, 
we want to do it all." 

Hetfield added that there is no ill feeling towards Newsted and his 
decision to leave the group. "Everything was extremely amicable. 
But when I call his number, it like goes, [phone noise of incomplete 
call] 'Boo doo doop,' so I don't know. What does that mean?" 

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