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                      ISSUE #159, 4 Jan 2002
EDITORIAL. Happy new year to all of you. Hopefully we will see a new
Metallica album this year and some concerts. http://www.encycmet.com

                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)


==== KIRK AT HALL OF FAME =========================================
Recognized for his guitar virtuoso, Kirk Hammett has been selected 
by the readers, according to metallica.com, of "Guitar World" mag 
as the first recipient of the annual Hall of Fame Award. 

The March issue (on newsstands February 1, 2002) will include an 
interview with Kirk tracing the history of Metallica, as well as 
covering the present with a look into the future. The piece will 
include new pix along with never before seen photos. 

"Guitar World" editor Brad Tolinski thinks the readers made a great 
choice with Kirk saying "he's really contributed something 
significant to modern music."

==== WIN JAPANESE 6 TRACK CD ======================================
I have picked a winner for the December quiz, and the lucky person
who will receive the rare CD is Andrew Smith from hot Australia.
Amith, your package is in the mail!

This month you can be the winner of the 6 track "Mama said" Japanese
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==== KIRK IN VH1 EPISODE ==========================================
metallica.com reports that VH1 will have an episode of "Behind the 
Music" focusing on the band Anthrax. Anthrax and Metallica were 
formed around the same time and have a great history together. Kirk
was one of the guests to be interviewed for the episode.

After Metallica signed their first record deal in 1983 they went to 
New York to record Kill 'em All. In New York they lived and 
rehearsed at "The Music Building" and Anthrax was rehearsing next 
door. -"Anthrax was really nice and helped us out a lot. They gave 
us a fridge and a toaster oven", said Kirk about his friends. 

- "The Music Building was something else. I found a piece of foam 
on the ground, and I used that as a my mattress to put my sleeping 
bag on. The people that owned it didn't put any time into it. The 
place had no hot water. I remember washing my hair in the sink using 
cold water, it was brutal." Kirk described the place they lived at 
for a while. 

The interview took place at Kirk's house on Dec 18th and it covers 
many interesting and funny memories Metallica shared with the guys 
from Anthrax. No airdate is yet set but it is expected to be broad-
cast sometime in Feb/March of 2002. 

==== LYCOS TOP 50 =================================================
The search engine Lycos has tracked all searches  done in 2001 and 
have made several top 50 list. On the full list you will find that 
Metallica was the 80th most searched word online in 2001. Not bad, 
considdering that they didn't release any album or was on tour last 
year. In 2000 they was on the 34th place and on the 39th in 1999.

On the music list Metallica is number seven, down from 4th place 
last year. For the second straight year, 'N Sync reigns as the most 
popular band online according to searches by Lycos users. But hey, 
why should people search for Metallica when they know that they can 
find what they are looking for at Encyclopedia Metallica?

Full list:               Music:
  1. Dragonball            1. 'N Sync
  2. Britney Spears        2. Destiny's Child
  3. Napster               3. Backstreet Boys
  4. Tattoos               4. Limp Bizkit
  5. Osama bin Laden       5. The Beatles
  ..                       6. Blink-182
  ..                       7. METALLICA
  80. METALLICA            8. Slipknot

==== WEEKLY SURVEY ================================================
You are optimistic, no doubt. I asked if you thought 2002 would be 
a good Metallica year. You answered:

Yes:  1473 votes
No:   299 votes
Average: 299 votes

A new question is up at http://www.encycmet.com. Go there now!

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