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                     ISSUE #103, 6 Oct 2000
EDITORIAL. encycmet.com and Metallica is nominated in the Online 
Music Awards. My site is nominated in the "best fan site" category,
so please go to http://adoma.artistdirect.com/cgi-bin/index.html
and vote for my site now. Metallica is nominated in 6 categories.

                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)


==== ENCYCMET.COM AND METALLICA NOMINATED =========================
Yepp, that's correct, Encyclopedia Metalica is nominated in the 
"Best fan site" category in ARTISTdirect's Online Music Awards. 
Please click the link below to vote for my site in the ROCK category

ARTISTdirect is an online music company that connects music fans 
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Encyclopedia Metallica is nominated in the "Best fan site" category, 
and Metallica are mentioned in the following categories: 

Favorite group                Most talked about artist 
   Creed                         Fred durst (limp bizkit) 
   Korn                          Courtney love (hole)
   Limp bizkit                   Metallica 
   Metallica                     Slipknot
   Rolling stones                Rage against the machine 

Internet hero                 Best fan website 
   Matt johnson (the the)        Encyclopedia metallica 
   Radiohead                     Deftones underground 
   Spinal tap                    Sanctuary II bon jovi 
   Lars ulrich (metallica)       Creed online 
   Dexter holland (offspring)    Papa roach - viva la cucaracha 

Best official website         Favorite turn-it-up loud CD
   Korn                          The battle of LA - RATM
   Metallica                     Infest - Papa roach 
   Limp bizkit                   S&M - Metallica 
   Pearl jam                     Live - Jimmy Page + Black crowes 
   Red hot chili peppers         Slipknot - Slipknot 

Now, please go to the ROCK category and vote for me and Metallica, 
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==== METALLICA AND THE OLYMPIC ====================================
OK, OK, I am not much of a sport fanatic, but I got the following 
piece of news from Toru Harada 

Hey,I was watching the Sydney olympics on the syncronized swimming, 
and the australian team used the intro of nothing else matters, in 
the middle of their performance. 
   Thanks to: Toru Harada 

==== NEW QUIZ AND WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT =============================
The new quiz on http://www.encycmet.com is already up and running

To all those of you who tried to win last months quiz, but didn't
win, there is a new quiz up now, with a new chance. Last months
winner was Matt Hagen from New York, USA. Matt, your package will
be in the mail later today, so expect it soon

The prize for October will be an Australian version of the "Hero 
Of The Day" CD single.  including the rare "Outta B Sides Mix", has
for tracks and comes with a sticker. A nice collectors item. Get it
at http://www.encycmet.com 

==== NEW PROMOTIONAL ITEMS RELEASED ===============================
OK, Metallica will not release more singles for a while, at least 
not to the public, but some promotional items still sees the light 
of day these days. Two of the latest is a new 3 track promo single 
of "I disappear" with songs by Santana as well, pluss a promo DVD 
video sampler. 

### "I disappear" - Mexican split promo single
   1. Santana - Put your lights on 
   2. Santana - African bamba 
   3. Metallica - I'll disappear 

A promo split single released for radio airplay in Mexico. There are
3 songs on it, two by Santana and one by Metallica. There are two 
fronts on the paper cover, one for each band and it has also a fold-
out with tracklisting. Not much info on the sleeve. Catalogue number 
is COX-2289 and it is released by Arista. I don't know the print run, 
but my guess is 1000 or 500. If you are a collector like me, you 
might want to check out Esprit to see if they still have it in stock. 
Link on my main page at http://www.encycmet.com 

### "The Metallica DVD collection sampler"
   1. Of wolf and man (From S&M) 
   2. Fuel (From S&M) 
   3. Sad but true (From S&M) 
   4. Enter sandman (From Cunning stunts) 
   5. For whom the bell tolls (From A year and a half...) 
   6. Seek & destroy (From Cliff 'em all) 

Promotional DVD or video samplers are rarely released. I know that 
several ordinary MTV style videos has been released on VHS in 
England, but nothing else. This is the first DVD promotional 
sampler I have ever seen. The cover has the same size as a regular 
CD and is very cool. The Plastic "digi-pack" is all black with the 
logo and the ninja-star. The fold out has the tracklisting and 
some information about the DVDs released by the band. From "Cliff 
'em all" to "S&M". 

My guess is that this DVD was released to promote the re-released 
videos on DVD earlier this year. You will not find it in regular 
shops, but Esprit or other collectors shop might have it, but 
expect to pay a lot for it as it is already very rare. 

The disc features an on-screen DVD catalog and it is also possible 
to play the songs in a loop. All songs are in stereo 2.0, but the 
tunes from S&M can also be played in 5.1 surround with multi 
angled cameras. Recomended for "completist collectors", else buy 
the regular DVDs which should be a lot cheaper. 

See photos of the items at http://www.encycmet.com

==== RECORDING TV SHOW, NOT MUSIC =================================
Last week we had a piece of news, or should I say rumor, telling 
that Metallica was in the One to One studio, where they did "...And 
Justice for All" and "The Black Album", to record songs for the next
album. Well, they were in the studio September 26 - 27 in San 
Francisco but not to record new music. Here is what metallica.com 

Truth Is: Last week, Metallica spent two days at One on One studios 
filming an episode of VH1's "Classic Albums." 

Over the years, the BBC has produced 9 "Classic Albums" episodes 
that have been licensed to VH1 for broadcasting. These episodes cover 
an album that have had a major impact in both the music industry and 
for music fans around the world. In the past, the BBC have covered 
albums by U2 (The Joshua Tree), Fleetwood Mac (Rumors), and Jimi 
Hendrix (Are You Experienced?). The time has come for Metallica's 
Black Album to be revisited. 

On Tuesday September 26th, all four members of Metallica gathered in 
the same room for the first time since the ending of the Summer 
Sanitarium tour. They returned to the studio where they recorded 1988's 
...And Justice for All album as well as 1991's Black Album. 

Upon entering the studio, James shouted out... - "Do you guys remember, 
that's where we shot darts at the picture of Kip Winger" 

It took two days to record the band's footage for the Classic Albums 
episode. In addition to interviews with James, Lars, Kirk, and Jason, 
the BBC also interviewed the recording team of Bob Rock (producer) 
and Randy Staub (engineer) and, of course, a few Metallica fans. 

Unfortunately, there is no word on an air date yet. encycmet.com has 
contacted VH1 about this and we promisse to give you any updates as 
soon as we know 



Now go to http://www.encycmet.com for more fun

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