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                      ISSUE #97, 11 Aug 2000
EDITORIAL. The tour finished, see the gig report here from the last
show. we have reports from all shows at http://www.encycmet.com 
where we also have fresh live and backstage photos.

                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)


==== LARS + KID ROCK = TRUE =======================================
Adam Kraft reports: I was at the Kid Rock show for his "American 
badass" tour this past monday and it was a preety good show but it 
was even better when they stoped playen right before the last verse 
of american badass and stephinie the drummer who is from cleveland 
came out and said "we have a suprise....I'd like to introduce my 
favoritve fuckin drummers......Lars come on out" and lars came out 
and rocked out the rest of the song. 

==== LARS TAKES HIS LABEL ONLINE ==================================
The Music Company, Ulrich's music label that he founded in 1998 with 
a former Metallica tour accountant, moved online today, hoping to 
provide more visibility for the two bands it manages. 

The site is still under construction, but you can already now find 
links to the bands signed, the official Systematic site and a 
Elektra site for Goudie The Music Company is distributed by 
Metallicas label Elektra.

For contact info and a link to the site, go to http://www.encycmet.com	

==== GIG REPORT ===================================================
SETLIST:                         DATE: Aug 9 
   - Creeping death                    CITY: Lexington, KY, USA 
   - For whom the bell tolls           VENUE:Rupp Arena 
   - Seek and destroy 
   - Fade to black               BANDS:
   - Sad but true                     - Metallica
   - Fuel                             - Karma To Burn     
   - No leaf clover 
   - King Nothing 
   - MasterTarium 
   - Battery 
   - Nothing else matters 
   - I Disappear 
   - One 
   - Turn the page 
   - Sandman 
   - Caress/So What/Die (Medley) 

This show was great! It was my fourth time seeing Metallica in 
person and it was by far the best. The guys consistantly quit 
playing during songs so the crowd would get even louder and then 
they would keep playing. No Leaf Clover was great without the 
symphony, much faster, as was I Disappear. All in all it was one 
hell of a show, Metallica just didn't let up and they rocked the 
place. The band thanked the crowd several times for coming to see 
them again. I really can't wait for the new album and the next tour! 
    Report: Dan 


==== MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2 SWEEPSTAKES =============================
Mission:Impossible 2 Sweepstakes. Win great prizes, click on the 
link below and sign up NOW!

==== MOST POPULAR VIDEOS ==========================================
Weekly charts for the nation's most popular videos as they appear in 
the Aug. 12, 2000 issue of Billboard magazine. Compiled from a 
national sample of sales reports
   1. "Big Money Hustlas" Insane Clown Posse
   2. "Time Out With Britney Spears" Britney Spears
   3. "S&M" METALLICA. (Platinum)
   4. "Spit In Your Eye" Kittie
   5. "Hell Freezes Over" The Eagles


==== MOST POPULAR VIDEOS ==========================================
Weekly charts for the nation's recorded music as they appear in the
Aug. 12, 2000, issue of Billboard magazine. List is compiled from a 
national sample of airplay supplied by Broadcast Data Systems
   2. "With Arms Wide Open" Creed
   3. "Kryptonite" 3 Doors Down
   4. "Judith" A Perfect Circle
   5. "Last Resort" Papa Roach


==== CHAT ROOM ====================================================   
I entered the chat room two days ago, hadn't been there for months
and I meet a lot of cool Metallica fans. Girls and buys, and I 
really enjoyed my stay. You should visit this part of the site too.
Go to http://www.encycmet.com. See you there!

==== WEEKLY VOTE ==================================================
Which song is your favourite on ReLoad? The results were after all 
the votes:
    The Unforgiven II: 26.62%
    Fuel: 26.12%
    Fixxxer: 12.40%
    The Memory Remains: 9.16%
    Low Man's Lyric: 6.43%
    Devil's Dance: 5.06%
    Prince Charming: 3.46%
    Bad Seed: 2.69%
    Carpe Diem Baby: 2.60%
    Where The Wild Things Are: 2.51%
    Better Than You: 1.14%
    Slither: 0.96%
    Attitude: 0.87%
Next week we want to find your favourite "non studio album song" 
I disappear, -human etc. Vote at http://www.encycmet.com


Now go to http://www.encycmet.com for more fun

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