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                      ISSUE #88, 2 june 2000
EDITORIAL. Seems like Metallica is hungry for a tour now. Both James
and Kirk have been on stage with other bands as guests. If you like 
this newsletter, feel free to forward it to all your friends.

                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)


==== NEW QUIZ - WIN METALLICA CDs =================================
Yepp, I have updated the monthly quiz, added new questions and a new 
prize. This month you you may be the happy owner of the US promo 
single of "I disappear". See the cool cover on my site and don't 
forget to enter the quiz at http://www.encycmet.com.

==== AND THE WINNER IS ============================================
I have already picked the May winner. See on the site if it is you! 
The prize will be sent later today. You may entner the quiz once a 
day for a better chance to win. (http://www.encycmet.com)

==== KIRK AND SAMMY HAGER =========================================
Seems like Metallica is hungry for a new tour. Several members has 
been seen playing with other bands now while Metallica has a few day 
off. Kirk Hammett was welcomed on stage to jam with Sammy Hager and 
the WaboRitas, on the 4th of May 

Sammy Hager has been singing for Van halen but is now playing with 
his own band the WaboRitas. Go to http://www.encycmet.com for a 
picture from this show
    Thanks: Matt's Metallica Mayhem 

==== HETFIELD AND MOTORHEAD =======================================
Motorhead played at the Maritime Hall last night in San Francisco. 
Right before the last song, James Hetfield came on stage, grabbed a 
guitar and said "These are the godfathers of heavy metal" and then 
jammed with them on Overkill. 

Motorhead was one of the bands that inspired Metallica in the early 
80s and James & Co have recorded several Motorhead covers 
    Source: chapterinc.com 

==== SITE-NEWS ====================================================
The discography is working again. there were some problems with the
database driver on the server, but it is now fixed. The discography 
will be updated with releases and coverscans soon, hopefully next week

==== WEEKLY SURVEY ================================================
Almost 20.000 persons tried the survey last week where we asked about 
their upinion on the new song "I disappear". The results are
   Excellent: 51.41%
   Good: 26.50%
   Average: 11.36%
   Bad: 7.76%
   Dont know: 2.98%

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