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                          ISSUE #82, 5 Apr 2000
EDITORIAL. The tourdates are finally here. I have received a lot of 
requests for tourdates, so I decided to publish them here in the 
newsletter as soon as I could. The new quiz is also up and running
with new questions and new prizes.

                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)

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with images, photos and stuff. Go to http://www.encycmet.com


==== LATEST NEWS FROM ELEKTRA =====================================
Below is the latest news from Metallicas record company Elektra
On May 14th, 2000 - Metallica will be featured in a 4 hour special 
on VH1.

Currently, the band is filming their "Disappear" video. (No release 
date yet)

Metallica will perform the "Disappear" song at the upcoming MTV 
Movie Awards in May. (Unfortunately, I do not have a date for the 

DVD version of the S&M San Francisco show should be out in stores soon

==== APRIL QUIZ - WIN PRIZES ======================================
Yepp, a new quiz is up and running with new prizes and new 
questions. You may enter the quiz once a day for the best possible
chances to win.

We have two prizes this time, one copy of the Garage Inc. 2CD set,
and a copy of the rare Until it sleeps 10" red vinyl single. See 
cover scans and take the quiz at http://www.encycmet.com

==== LAST MONTHS WINNER ===========================================
Last months lucky winner was Adam Pelle from Australia. The package
is already sent. Lucky you. Next month it might be you, so go to

==== TOUR DATES ===================================================
The following dates seems to be the correct dates for the short tour 
this summer. The bill will be System of a Down, Kid Rock, Korn, & 
Metallica. The dates are as follows: 

(I will put up any changes on the site as soon as I know)

     June 30 - Baltimore, Dover Downs International Speedway 
     July  1 - Charlotte, Lowe's Motor Speedway 
     July  3 - Atlanta, Atlanta Motor Speedway 
     July  4 - St. Louis, Gateway International Raceway 
     July  7 - Louisville, Kentucky Speedway 
     July  8 - Dallas, Texas Motor Speedway 
     July  9 - Denver, Pikes Peak International Raceway 
     July 12 - Seattle, TBD 
     July 14 - Los Angeles, California Speedway 
     July 15 - Las Vegas, Las Vegas Motor Speedway 
     July 16 - Phoenix, Phoenix International Raceway 


==== SITE NEWS ====================================================
A lot is happening at the site. There were some problems with the 
new layout for some browsers (A few Microsoft IE 5 browsers), but
the problem seems to be fixed now.

I have also totally changed the classified ads section. It is now
much easier to post ads and to find what you are looking for. Check 
it out at http://www.encycmet.com, and if you don't find what you 
are looking for, feel free to post an ad. It is of course free


==== KORN COVERS METALLICA ========================================
Korn continue to cover Metallica's "Orion" from the album "Master of 
Puppets" at their shows. As you probably know, Lars Ulrich is a big 
Korn fan and Jason is a friend of the band. 

==== RIFF RAFF TABLATURES =========================================
My guitar tablature site is still up. Here you will be able to find
bass, drum and guitar tabs from all bands and artists. You may also
search, discuss or just hang out... http://www.1-2-3-tabs.com

==== MOST POPULAR RECORDINGS ======================================
Weekly charts for the nation's recorded music as they appear in the
April 8, 2000, issue of Billboard magazine

Compiled from a national sample of airplay supplied by Broadcast Data 

    1. "Kyptonite" 3 Doors Down
    2. "Stiff Upper Lip" AC/DC
    3. "Otherside" Red Hot Chili Peppers
    4. "What If" Creed
    5. "No Leaf Clover" METALLICA

==== WEEKLY SURVEY ================================================
Last week we asked about the new song "I disappear?". As this has 
only been played on the radio a few times, only 50% of you had heard 
it. The results on how you liked it as follows

     Haven't heard it: 49.15%
     Excellent: 23.59%
     Good: 14.44%
     Average: 4.97%
     Not so good: 3.40%
     Bad: 4.44%

If you are looking for MP3 file of this song, please go to the message 
board at http://www.encycmet.com. People are discussing this song 
there allot, and I guess you can get help there on where to find it

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