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                           ISSUE #77, 24 Feb 2000
EDITORIAL. Sorry about the late newsletter this time. I have been so 
bussy this week, but here it is with the latest news about our "heroes". 
I am trying a new newsletter software this time and hoping it will work 
as planed :-). See all the latest updates at http://www.encycmet.com

                                            Sem Hadland (Editor)


==== NEW SONG "DEAD DAYS"? ========================================
Rumors say that METALLICA has already recorded the Mission Impossible 2 
song probably called Dead Days. The soundtrack is scheduled for radio 
sometime in mid-April. Even though it is not set, the street date of the 
album are pointing towards early May. METALLICA will also probably 
release this track as a single.

==== NEW SINGLE INFO ==============================================
METALLICA release a new single 'No Leaf Clover' on March 13 through. 
This is the same version of the song as appears on the S&M album. Again 
there will be 3 different versions of the single. Fans can also watch a 
45 minute CD-ROM documentary on Metallica's symphonic collaboration 
split in 15 minute edits across the single's 3-CD format.

Please note that the this info is about the European release, I am not 
sure what will be released in the US. I'll keep you posted.

According to the record company, the tracks will be

    No Leaf Clover
    No Leaf Clover (Video enhanced)
    S&M Documentary (Video part 1)

    No Leaf Clover
    Photo Gallery and Album Lyrics (CD Rom)
    S&M Documentary (Video part 2)

    No Leaf Clover
    Screen Saver (CD Rom)
    S&M Documentary (Video part 3)


==== TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT PT 2 ==================================
First. Thanks for all the e-mails about this subject. If you do not know 
what I am talking about, check out my site http://www.encycmet.com. I 
received way too many mails to answer, but I have read them all. As I 
said in the last mail, I signed the agreement the lawyers sent me. Many 
of you have e-mailed me and asked me why. Well, I had my reasons. First, 
I can not afford to pay for expensive lawyers myself if needed, so... 
Second, I also signed the agreement for what it didn't mention. It said 
nothing about the lyrics, nor the tablatures which are copyrighted, so 
these sections of the site will continue as always. Also, I was lucky 
they contacted me. Several other sites have been shut down because the 
lawyers contacted the hosting company. I didn't want this to happen to 
me. If you want to discuss this, please use the message forum at 
http://www.encycmet.com. I will monitor it.

==== METALLICA PHOTO PAGE =========================================
Because of the letter mentioned above I had to take down the photos on 
the photo page. I now only have drawings of the band there, but I need 
more. If you have any good drawings you have done, please scan them and 
send them to me. I will only post the best because that's what 
http://www.encycmet.com is all about. I also need photos of your 
Metallica collection, your Metallica tattoo or any Metallica related 
image (But not with the bandmembers)

For a limited time you can still see the old photos at this secret URL

==== "ENTER SANDMAN" GRAMMY NOMINATED =============================
This year's Grammy voters chose to honor the legendary UK metal band, 
Motorhead with a nomination in the Best Metal Performance category for 
the track, 
Enter Sandman,'' a cover of the Metallica classic which 
appeared on the album ECW Extreme Music (Slab/CMC International Records).

As it turns out, the actual recording of 
Enter Sandman'' features lead 
vocals by Motorhead's Lemmy with instrumental backing by the Orange 
County, California, punk/rock band Zebrahead. Scheduling conflicts had 
made it impossible for all the members of Motorhead to gather at the 
recording studio, so Zebrahead (which, like Motorhead, are managed by 
Singerman Entertainment) were invited to handle the instrumental portion 
of the track.

The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) is now 
crediting the nomination as Motorhead with Zebrahead. Which means that 
Zebrahead have officially earned a Grammy nomination.

The other nominees for Best Metal Performance are Black Sabbath ("Iron 
Man"), Ministry ("Bad Blood"), Nine Inch Nails ("Starfuckers, Inc."), 
and Rob Zombie ("Superbeast").

==== MOST POPULAR RECORDINGS ======================================
Weekly charts for the nation's recorded music as they appear in the Feb. 
26, 2000 issue of Billboard magazine. Compiled from a national sample of 
airplay supplied by Broadcast Data Systems
    1. "No Leaf Clover" Metallica
    2. "Stiff Upper Lip" AC/DC
    3. "Otherside" Red Hot Chili Peppers
    4. "What If" Creed
    5. "Higher" Creed

==== MESSAGE FORUM ================================================
The discussion at the message forum is wild and fast. Below is a few 
sentences from all the postings (About 300 a day) and everything is 
discussed. Feel free to take a look, answer, ask, discuss or just read 
and enjoy what other people fight about. Thats what I enjoy most. See 
you at http://www.w\encycmet.com

- did u knew jaymz lend his voice on the southpark movie?! it's awesome!

- ...this morning the first song I heard was Creeping death, so I'm 
awake now hahaha.

- i was wondering if any of you fux know, or where i can find out, what 
was the first guitar james and kirk ever owned. cuz god knows my first 
axe was a piece of shit! heh heh (but i still have it for the sake of 

- Metalllica the best metal band of the century? Of course! Hell yeh! 
They have lasted longer than any other heavy metal band ever and they 
kick ass!!

==== WEEKLY SURVEY ================================================
I was so angry when I sent out last newsletter because of the letter I 
got from Metallica's lawyers, so the question on my weekly poll ended up 
with "Which of these two do you think is better?" The result were:

    encycmet.com: 73.42%
    metallica.com: 13.41%
    Both the same: 9.84%
    Dont know: 3.34%

I am glad to see that 73% of you think my site is better than the 
official, but there are still 9% who likes metallica.com best. This is 
not good enough. What can I do to be even better? Please post your 
thoughts, ideas and views on the general message forum on my site at 
http://www.encycmet.com Thank you. A new survey will be up soon.

Now, go to my site at http://www.encycmet.com


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