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                      ISSUE #121, 9 Mar 2001 
EDITORIAL. A big "metal up your ass" to all of you, here is the 
latest Metallica news. For images and photos and more, go to 

                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)


==== GUITAR AWARDS TO KIRK =======================================
The April issue of guitar world has the 2001 readers poll and Kirk
won most valuable player and came in second for best metal guitar. 
Here are the results of those two catagories. 

Most Valuable Player 
  1. Kirk Hammet 
  2. Wes Borland 
  3. Mark Tremonti 
  4. Tom Morello
  5. Dimebag Darrel        
Best Metal Guitarist
  1. Dimebag Darrell
  2. Kirk Hammet
  3. Wes Borland
  4. Tony Rombola
  5. Mick Thomson & Jim Root(slipknot)  


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==== FAN CAN UPDATES =============================================
The Fan Can box set which the fan club is about to release is still
in production. This unique can of goodies is released by the official 
fan club, and sold to fanclub members only. According to the club, 
shipping is scheduled for early April. The set will include a live 
CD, T-shirt, live video and a dog tag. all this in a nice Metallica 
tin can. 

If you are a member, and haven't ordered yet, order it now, and If 
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Here is the complete tracklisting for the video and CD 

Live Dallas, TX, February 5, 1989
   - Blackened
   - For whom the bell tolls
   - Welcome home (sanitarium)
   - Leper messiah
   - Harvester of sorrow
   - Eye of the beholder
   - To live it to die (Doodle)
   - Master of puppets
   - One
   - ... And justice for all
   - Fade to black
   - Battery

FAN CAN 4 - Video
Live Philadelphia, PA, November 11, 1997
   - Helpless
   - The four horsemen
   - Of wolf and man
   - The thing that should not be
   - Fuel
   - The memory remains
   - King nothing
   - Bleeding me
   - No remorse
   - Am I evil?
   - Stone cold crazy
   - The wait
   - Master of puppets
   - Damage Inc.

==== METALLICA WITH STAR POWER ===================================
Forbes Magazine has Metallica on the 18th place on their yearly 
"most powerful celibrities" with "star power". They are looking at 
income, how much the brand name is worth, publicity and more. 

Tom Cruise is number one. Last year he made US$43,000,000, was on 
the front cover of 11 magazines, appeared in 136 radio and TV shows. 
Here is the complete list 

    1. Tom Cruise.
    2. Tiger Woods.
    3. Beatles
    4. Britney Spears
    5. Bruce Willis
    6. Michael Jordan
    7. Backstreet Boys
    8. 'N Sync
    9. Oprah Winfrey
    10. Mel Gibson
    11. Mike Tyson
    12. George Lucas
    13. Stephen King
    14. Steven Spielberg
    15. Michael Schumacher
    16. Julia Roberts
    17. Shaquille O'Neal
    18. Metallica
    19. Eddie Murphy
    20. J.K. Rowling

==== LARS ON SYSTEMATIC GIG ======================================
Encyclopedia Metallica visitor Ora from San francisco reports: Me 
and my friend went to see Systematic (A band on Lars' record label) 
at a club in the Bay area. (Friday, 02-23-01) This was supposed to 
be their last show here on the west coast before they took off to 
tour with Godsmack in the East. Systematic was VERY good. Good stage 
performance. Nice guys to talk to. 

After the show, we were walking around and looked over and there was 
all these people gathered around. In the middle of these people were 
3 Security guards and Lars Ulrich! Of course me and my friend were 
freaking out, but trying not to show it. He walked back to a room 
where the band had all their stuff. Me and my friend stood very very 
still in one spot (had to pee, but couldn't leave the sight of that 
room) for a little over an hour. Most of the people from the club had 
left by that time, but not us. Then Lars walked out. My friend said 
'Lars could we have a quik autograph?'. He said 'Sure Hun.' I asked 
for a picture and he said ok. We both got pics with him. He was very 
nice and although we were nervous as hell, he made us feel comfortable. 
   Thanks to Ora 

==== THE PLAYBOY INTERVIEW =======================================
The lead vocalist of hard rock band Metallica cannot sing well and
may be homophobic, the drummer isn't very good either, and everyone 
was mean to the bass player. 

That's not the critics talking, but the four members of the San 
Francisco-based group taking potshots at each other during separate 
interviews woven together in the upcoming issue of Playboy magazine. 

The sessions were conducted two months before bass player Jason 
Newsted announced in January he was quitting the mega-selling group 
after 14 years, citing "private and personal reasons" and "physical 
damage" resulting from his playing. 

Playboy said Newsted's departure followed two marathon band meetings, 
but could hardly be termed a surprise given the enmity that emerged 
during the interview sessions. The April issue reaches newsstands 
on March 5. 

Among the revelations: singer James Hetfield's "vocal range is limited" 
but improving, according to Newsted. 

Drummer Lars Ulrich, often at the center of many band fights, said 
Hetfield is homophobic. 

"Let there be no question about that," it quoted Ulrich as saying. 
"I think homophobia is questioning your sexuality and not being 
comfortable with it." 

For his part, Hetfield recalled that Danish-born Ulrich rarely bathed 
during the band's formative days in the early 1980s, and was not a 
good drummer. 

"To this day he is not Drummer of the Year. We all know that," said 
Hetfield, who leads the band with Ulrich. 

Hetfield also recalled throwing Ulrich into his kit several times, as 
part of a philosophy that favored violence and intimidation. Ulrich 
said he had gotten into a few fights with Newsted. Only guitarist Kirk 
Hammett, a yoga devotee, said he has never hit anyone in the band. 

Newsted, who joined the band when Cliff Burton died in a bus accident 
during a 1986 European tour, was subjected to prolonged physical and 
mental abuse by his bandmates, the magazine said. Newsted recalled 
they even turned down his bass on the breakthrough 1988 album 
"... And Justice For All." 

Hetfield, the band's heart and soul, refused to allow Newsted to 
release a solo album for fear that it would detract from Metallica, 
according to the interviews. 

While Playboy said Newsted had declined to comment further in light of 
his resignation, the magazine quoted a source as saying his clash with 
Hetfield was "a precipitating factor" in his decision to leave. The 
source said Newsted might move to Montana for two years and not pick 
up a bass at all. 

A spokesman for the band's U.S. label, Elektra Records, said he had not 
seen the article and could not comment on it. 

==== ... AND JUSTICE FOR ALL =====================================
There's been an awful lot said about Metallica recently. Jason 
leaving the band, Napster and now the Playboy interview. The band 
has been in the news like never before, and they don't feel that it 
is "the truth, the whole truth or nothing but the truth" which has 
appeared in the news lately. 

Because of this the band has done a long and informative interview 
with So what magazine, the official Fan Club rag. According to the 
fan-club members only pages there will be an exclusive roundtable 
interview where they will tell the fans about above mentioned cases, 
the new album, the future and everything else a fan could think of. 

"There's so much action going on in there that it's unfortunate that 
the biggest statement after Jason leaving is the Playboy interview. 
So I'm glad that people are actually gonna get to read what we have 
to say.", James Hetfield told the club. - "I agree," said Lars Ulrich, 
"the fact that they have stuck with us through all this has been 
awesome." "And they'll be rewarded for their patience," concluded Kirk 
Hammett, "because when we get back into the studio, I guarantee that 
the music will be something else." 

For more on this, go to the members only part of the club website, or 
join the club now by clicking here http://www.encycmet.com/news/fanclub/ 

Now go to http://www.encycmet.com for more fun

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