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                          ISSUE #64, 25 Oct 1999
EDITORIAL. I guess you are all looking forward to the new album and video,
at least I am, I have already pre-ordered the items, and you can do so as
well. See below
                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)

==== LARS ABOUT THE NEW ALBUM =====================================
In an interview with RollingStone.com Lars told us about the latest album
and recording. Here is what he said: 
It (The recording) was very intense and very real. I find when you do
something like that, the reality of the moment becomes really thick and
all encompassing. Nothing else exists. It's this thing about your body and
your instrument and what goes on around you. You feel so at one with
everything. Other than sex, it's as focused as your mind or body ever
See the whole at http://www.encycmet.com

==== THE NAME "S&M" ===============================================
Many of you have mailed me and asked about the name of the new album and
video "S&M". What it means OK, it is no secret. The S stands for San
Francisco Symphony Orchestra, and the M? Metallica of cource!  

==== PRE-ORDER "S&M" ==============================================
Be sure to be the first to get "S&M", preorder the double CD from CDNOW at
a low price. Go to
http://www.cdnow.com/switch/from=sr-1268867/target=buyweb_purchase/itemid=812670. You will find other Metallica items at

==== MORE RELEASES ================================================
The Woodlstock 99 double CD is released and it contains a liver version of
Metallica's "Creeping death". A really killer version! Other bands on the
disc is Megadeth, Korn, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers
among others. You can order the CD directly from CDNOW at a reduced price  

==== BOOTLEG REVIEW ===============================================
TITLE: Load your b-sides
BY: Steve Frey

i've had these cd's for a while and noticed that no one has submitted a
review of them yet. this first one is called "load your b-sides". it has
13 tracks of live stuff/studio demos. the track list is as follows:
   1. stone dead forever (Live from lemmy's 50th)
   2. too late too late (Live from lemmy's 50th)
   3. mouldy (early demo of hero)
   4. overkill (Live from lemmy's 50th)
   5. hero of the day "outta b-sides mix" (a re-mix that sounds pretty
   6. kill/ride medley (Castle Donington, 8-6-95)
   7. 2x4 (Castle Donington 8-6-95)
   8. f.o.b.d. (early demo of until it sleeps)
   9. king nothing (Irvine Meadows, 8-4-96)
   10. whiplash (Irvine Meadows, 8-4-96)
   11. mama said "edit" (not much different from the album)
   12. mama said (demo)
   13. so what (Irvine Meadows, 8-4-96)

sound quality is excellent. i'm not sure if it was made by metallica or if
its a bootleg someone threw together (It's a bootleg - sem). the CD is
gold which makes me think its a bootleg.....either way, its woth the $25.
its a pretty hard one to find as i haven't seen it anywhere else.

==== SITE NEWS ====================================================
We have updated many of the pages at http://www.encycmet.com. Check out
new versions of the Song info, the equipment page and projects. The tab
page is updated with

guitar and real audio - To Live is to Die, The God that Failed,
Mama Said and Low Man's Lyric

==== GET FREE CD's ================================================
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==== WEEKLY SURVEY ================================================
We have alreadt updated the survey with a new question, but last week we
asked "What do you think of the new album title S&M?" And the answers were
   great!: 32.55%
   Fine: 14.63%
   OK: 18.39%
   Bad: 7.13%
   Sucks: 14.43%
   Dont know: 12.87%
Don't forget to enter the new survey at http://www.encycmet.com

Now, please go to my site at http://www.encycmet.com

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