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                          ISSUE #55, 15 Aug 1999
EDITORIAL. Hello again friends, school is starting these days so I expect
the traffic to grow on my site. That means more people in the chat room
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                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)

==== TICKETS ON SALE SOON ==========================================
Tickets to this millennium bash in Michigam will go on-sale Saturday,
October 23 at Ticketmaster outlets and the Pontiac Silverdome Box Office.
More information will follow as soon as I know 
     Thanks to Mickey

==== BOOTLEG REVIEW ================================================
NAME: Garage Barrage
REVIEW BY: Shane LaPorte, Bolton

This is the famous show from New York City November 24th 1998 at the
Roseroom. Its a two disk set and also features two of the songs that
appeared on the "Die,Die My Darling" single. The "Mercyful Fate Medly' and
"Sabbra Caddabra". This is absolutely amazing, the sound quality contains
a little too much Mids but the songlist kicks ass!

It starts off with a "Die Die Die" chant from Creeping Death and then
kicks into "Die, Die My Darling". "Turn the Page" starts off with an errie
slidesolo and then rages into "Am I Evil"(A personal favorite) from the
"Creeping Death" EP. Some songs which are rarely played live by Metallica
like "The Wait" and "The Small Hours" came to great surprise and sound
strong as well.Too bad they did'nt play "Astronomy" or one of the
Discharge covers but in the end all is well. I think this show was played
on MTV but im not sure. Find the disc set and Check It out.


Disc 1:                        Disc 2:
   Die,Die My Darling             Turn the Page
   Blitzkrieg                     Am I Evil
   The Small Hours                So What   (Of Course)
   The Prince                     Killing Time
   Sabbra Cadabra                 The Wait
   Whiskey in the Jar             Last Caress-Green Hell
   Stone Cold Crazy               Breadfan
   Mercyful Fate Medly            Overkill

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==== NEW TABLATURE PAGE  ===========================================
Not shure if this is the correct place to post this, but as I know many of
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RIFF-RAFF, which will be a search engine just like Yahoo, but with only
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I released the site today, so there is not too much there now, but all
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