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                          ISSUE #51, 24 July 1999

EDITORIAL. Hello again and sorry about the delay in this issue. I'm now
back from a two week summer holliday and ready for more Metallica. Expect
more newsletters and updated webpage in the weeks to come. Don't forget to
visit the page again, the weekly vote, and try your luck in the quiz. see
you there http://www.encycmet.com/

                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)

==== SOME MUSTAINE COMMENTS ========================================
Guitar.com featues an interesting interview with Dave Mustaine regarding
his band's upcoming release, 'Risk'. Says Mustaine, when asked about the
title of the CD being appropriate "since you've taken some significant

"Yeah. We are heading in a much more melodic, more appealing direction.
The bands that were the big four in the beginning -- Anthrax, Metallica,
Slayer and Megadeth -- only two of us have gone onto mass commercial
success. And it's one of those things where the music industry embraces
you, but it also dictates a lot about what you need to do in order to
remain successful. And while Metallica has been able to adapt best of all,
I think we're the second best at adapting to what the industry has done
and the changes that are necessary in order to continue being successful."

And then, when asked "Were you at all influenced by Metallica's evolution
from thrash metal warhorses to experimental southern metal boogie-boys?"
he responded:

"Maybe a little bit. The title of the record came from a comment Lars
Ulrich made to the press about how he wished I would take more risks. And
I said in return, ‘If you mean french kissing my guitar player, I'm not
interested. Then I thought about it, and I decided that might be a good
name for the record. But Lars' comment only mattered as far as considering
a title. I think these songs were probably in the can long before Load and
Reload ever came out. For example, the lyric to "Breadline" is about six
years old."
  source: intersandman.com

==== WIN METALLICA CDs! ============================================
Yepp, you still have the chance to win the two rare Metallica CDs I have
as prizes on my page. Try your luck at http://www.encycmet.com

==== CHECK THIS OUT ================================================
Some friends of mine will soon released their 3rd album, and yes, you
should check it out. They call themself "Pawnshop" and if you find their
new CD,- buy it! Here is a short message from the band:

The new Pawnshop album "Aloha From Saturn" will be out on the Norwegian
label Chicken Farm and with distribution through Sony in Europe.The album
will be out in late August this year.
For now, check out their site at http://home.sol.no/~pawnshop/. More news
will follow

==== CD REVIEW =====================================================
TITLE: "Die die my darling"
TRACKS: Die die my darling
        Sabbra Cadabra (Live)
        Mercyful Fate medley (Live)

I was reading past newsletters and I noticed no one had posted a review of
the Die, Die My Darling single, so here's what I have to say about it. 

The single cover is the boys dressed up in their Metallicats outfits,
smiling and looking cool. Its kinda funny considering the name of the
song. I got a chuckle out of it. The first track is of course, Die, Die My
Darling which has always been one of my favorite Garage, Inc. tracks. 

Then the next song (following suit of other Garage, Inc singles) is a live
track from the Hammerstien Ballroom. That song is Sabbra Cadabra. It opens
up with James talking about why they are playing the covers, and then he
of course pays homage to Ozzy and "riff master" Tony Iommi. Then they
launch into the great song. 

3rd song, Mercyful Fate (which is also live), starts off with 
James asking the crowd if they are having fun. Then he starts to tell what
the song is, but stops himself and says "Oh, ya'll all worship Satan
right?". Then he procaims "Yeah, we're big friends with this
band...they're called Mercyful Fate"..the crowd goes wild and the band
goes into the powerful, eleven minute melody that is, in my opinion, the
best of all the live covers. This is a great cd, and I recommend it highly
just because of the two live songs, Die Die is ok, but we've all heard it
on Garage, Inc. Buy it for the live tracks, buy it for Die, Die My
Darling, dammit, just buy it!
-By: Nolan Smock

==== METALLICA FROM THE NET? =======================================
Universal Music Group will make music and albums compatible with new
devices that play songs downloaded from the Internet, deepening the
recording industry's commitment to electronic commerce.

In a separate move also announced Monday, 44 recording artists, including
acts such as the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and Metallica, agreed to take
an equity interest in Artistdirect, an Encino, Calif.-based company that
sells CDs, videotapes and other merchandise over the Internet.

Universal, the world's largest music company, said it will make its music
available in digital formats compatible with players being made by RioPort
Inc., Panasonic and Toshiba.

==== WEEKLY SURVEY =================================================
OK; I admit it, the survey haven't been updated for a while on my page.
The reason is my hollidays. First a week in Denmark at Roskilde festival
and now two weeks in Northern Norway. Anyway, here's the results of last

What is the best, Metallica live or on CD?
   Live: 70.40%
   Same: 13.55%
   On CD: 11.79%
   Dont know: 4.26%

A new vote will be up soon, so point your browser to

==== NEW ALBUM + VIDEO SOON ========================================
I know I have mentioned it before, but I still get tons of questions about
it. OK, here we go again. Yes, the symphony show will be released as the
next Metallica CD and it will be released before christmas, probably in
November. November the 17th is my guess as all the latest major releases
have been released this date. A video from one of these two shows will be
out on the streets as well. Something to look forward too.

==== GIG REPORT ====================================================
Place: Rishon LeZion, Israel
Date: 22 July
Att.: 15,000 (small but LOUD!)

First time ever to watch Metallica was the best thing ever happen to me, i
think. The place was'nt so big, but it didn't make me feel bad or

"Hayehudim", an Israeli rock-band did a very good show, and then
metallica's sound men came out and made us feel the bases and the guitars
like we never did (well, maybe just me).

Then After 45 minutes of waiting and sweating, the lights went out, and we
all got nutz as we know they're comming. Suddenly, the lights went on
again, and we saw Jason, Kirk, James and Lars on the stage, playing
"Master of Puppets" with a awesome bass. We got a little dissapointed
after we realized they won't play the full version, but before I could
breath again (and I almost couldn't), "Breadfan" came in.

The crowd jumped and screamed the words out, as James called out "Are you
alive?". We didn't want to dissapoint him, so we just scremed louder and
harder. I never felt so alive before.

One went on with a perfect preformance, and all the lighters we had went
up, pointng the sky. I had a lighter with a 15 cm flame, wich could be
seen from the far end of the Park. It was empty at the end of the show.
After One the did "Fight Fire With Fire" which ended in a big blast upon
the stage. Then they went backstage, and I went to get myself a drink. I
was back at the same place I was before after 5 minutes, hearing the
begining of "Nothing Elses Matters". They did it absolutly increddible,
and all the crowed sang with them. Then they did "Creeping Death" (like we
thought the would'nt :), and "Enter Sandman" and left the stage,
again.This time, we thought it's over, and the crowd start yelling "We
want more!!", till they came back for two last song.

After the band dedicated "Battery" for all the crew members and finished
the show, the stood up infront of us, and Jason said "Shalom" and Lars
said we'll see them sometime, they hope.

Me too.

    Master Of Puppets (short version)
    For Whom The Bell Tolls
    King Nothing
    Bleeding Me
    Sad But True
    Turn The Page
    Wherever I May Roam
    Fight Fire Whith Fire

  (First break)
    Nothing Else Matters
    Creeping Death
    Enter Sandman

  (Second Break)
    Seek And Destroy

By: Uri Ofir.

==== TAB UPDATE ====================================================
I know many of you are visiting http://www.encycmet.com for the
tablatures, and here is the latest updates

GUITAR - Dyers Eve, Master of Puppets, The Thing That Should Not Be, 
Ride the Lightning, Disposable Heroes, Enter Sandman, Until it Sleeps, 
The Memory Remains, Phantom Lord, Motorbreath, Of Wolf and Man, Battery, 
Frayed Ends of Sanity, The Outlaw Torn, Am I Evil, The Four Horsemen

REAL AUDIO - Dyers Eve, Enter Sandman, Until it Sleeps, The Memory Remains,
Am I Evil, The Four Horsemen

==== FREE METALLICA GIG ============================================
The show in Spain July 18 was a little different compared to the other
ones this tour. The venue was located in the middle of a public park and
you didn't have to buy a ticket to see the show. If you stood on the floor
you had to purchase a ticket but the seating area is out in the public

Now, go to my site at http://www.encycmet.com, and don't forget the quiz!

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