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                          ISSUE #50, 6 July 1999

EDITORIAL. Issue 50! No time for celebration, let us go straight to the
meat. I saw Metallica again this weekend as I had a short holiday in
Denmark at the Roskilde Festival. The best gig I've ever seen with them. 

                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)

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==== GIG REPORT ==================================================== 
PLACE: Roskilde Festival, Denmark 
DATE: 1 July 

The Roskilde Festival is near Copenhagen in Denmark where Lars lived as a
kid so the backstage area was full of Ulrichs'. I don't know what the band
did this day but they were in a very good mood on stage and had a lot of
fun, so this ended up being an excellent gig. The best show I've ever seen
with Metallica. 

The Roskilde festival is a yearly happening. 4 days, 4 stages and 170
bands. This was my 6th time. 

Metallica got on stage at ten in the evening, right after the dawn so it
soon became dark and that just made the show even better. They changed the
setlist a bit this night, don't ask me why, but it was just brilliant for
this large stage. They did "Die die my darling" which is, in my opinion,
the best song on Inc. 

They were all in a very good mood this night, especially James who played
with the crowd, laughed and smiled. Lars were having fun too and thanked
the crowd in Danish after the show. All this gave the show a little extra,
so this was far from an average Metallica night 

   Master of Puppets (full version)
   For whom the bell tolls
   The thing that should not be
   Fuel, Memory remains
   Bleeding me
   Seek and destroy
   Whiskey in the jar
   King Nothing
   Wherever I may roam
   Fight fire with fire
   Nothing else matters
   Sad but true
   Creeping death
   Die die die my darling
   Enter sandman

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