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                          ISSUE #44, 31 May 1999

EDITORIAL. Yepp, I was on the show in Oslo, Norway this saturday, and
yepp, it was excellent. I was lucky enougt to meet James and Jason prior
to the show. I will tell you all the details in the next issue, so in the
mean time, enjoy issue 44, and don't forget to visit my site at

                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)

==== NEW SINGLE ===================================================
The next single from Garage Inc. is will be Die Die Die My Darling.
Release data June 14, 1999. There will probably be a 3 CD set this time as
well with live tracks recorded at the Roseland Ballroom in New York
november last year.

One of the singles will be a limited edition with over 20 minutes of
playing time with these tracks

   1. Die Die Die My Darling
   2. Sabbra Cadabra (LIVE)
   3. Mercyful Fate (LIVE)

Different rare promos will be released as well.

==== GIG REPORT ===================================================
Date: Fri - 28/5 1999
Place: Globen Sweden
on 19:35 Monster Magnet entered the scene and everybody except some Nerds
of course went crazy.
Monster magnet was really good. but they only played for about 25 minutes.
so 21:00 did Metallica Entered the scene.
they started with a well know song called BREADFAN. And after that Master
of Puppets wich was
FUCKING COOL. they did the whole song with the solo and everything. 
     Master of Puppets  -  Whole song, fucking cool
     Of wold and man
     the thing that should not to be
     Memory remains
     Bleeding me
     Bass solo
     Bass and Guitar doodle (the same as on "Cunning Stunts")
     Four Horsemen
     For whom the bellz tolls
     "Kirk Solo"
     King Nothing
     Wherever i may roam
     Fight Fire With Fire
     Nothing Else Matters
     Sad But True
     Creeping Death
     Die Die My Darling
     Enter Sandman
well it was all fucking cool. there were some cruel lighning effects
   By: Joakim Norberg

I really missed Until it sleeps and Hero of the day, and I must say i was
lil dissapointed at the last song, the crowd
shouted "Seek and Destry" and James said "OKEY", but they played
battery... But no really big deal, it was an hell
of a show, Kirk was the coolest I think.

Lars did a real clumsy thing, when he put his glass of lemonade on the
stage and should kick it out to the crowd, he
did a bad kick (remember whiskey in the jar, hehe he's not good at
kickin') and he got eveything over himself in some
way, Jason went crazy and started to laugh at Lars so he was little angry
   By: Fredrik Gustavsson

==== TAB UPDATES ==================================================
New this week on the tab page:

Guitar Updates: Creeping Death, - Human, Trapped Under Ice, No Remorse
New Bass: Breadfan, Free Speech For the Dumb
Real Audio Riffs: Creeping Death, Trapped Under Ice, No Remorse

It's been a while since I last played Ice, so it was a real kick playing
(or at least trying to play) it again.  That brings the total number of
songs with .ra files available to 30, 23 of which are currently featured
online.  For more information about the real audio clips, visit


==== INTERVIEW ====================================================
Interview with Lars Ulrich 20 minutes before he goes on stage in Norway.
The interview was done online by the norwegian newspaper VG (www.vg.no).
The questions were submitted by people over the internet.

Q: Are you happy with the Justice album?
LARS: Here I am. Let's get started. When i hear the intro of Blackened i
begain to shiver too. But for differnt reason. It's the only record i've
made that i can't listen to. It's the way it sounds...It's sounds thin and
one dimensional. 

Q: what is the most spectackular gig your ever had?
LARS: Moscow, russia. September 1991. 600 000 people, 25000 police, 1
great day! My favourite stage the one in my basement. 

Q: For how long have you been playing drums?
LARS: I've played the drums for 22 years. Practice as little as possible,
and i get bored of touring all the time. But then i just access the
internet to answer exciting questions. 

Q: Kill 'em all was good. Ride the lightening was great. Master of the
puppets was excellent! And Justice for All was great. 'Black album'
SUCKED! you became commercial and only did boring slow ballads, and so it
went on. In other words, you turned on your original fans that loved your
agressive music in favour of the broad mass of mainstream goofers. My
question is why? and was there any concientious planning behind the change?
LARS:  Make no mistake about it, my friend! We have never ever done this
for anybody other than ourselves. Not Kill'em All, Not Garage Inc. Nothing
In Between. So since we have never done it for anybody other than
ourselves we have not turned our backs to anybody. 

Q: Will you play Whiskey in the Jar today?
LARS: No, I dont's think we'll do that tonight. Infact I don't think we'll
play that song on this tour at all. Maybe the next one! Come and see us
then. I'm sorry but that was all time i had. I have to be on stage in five
minutes. Then i'm gonne give Oslo the greatest two and a half hour consert
they ever will see. 

==== SITE NEWS ====================================================
I'm currently adding a new section called "equipment list" which is put
together by a new friend Chris Herwig from Germany. He will hopefully add
some new stuff to the site. Jason is up and running, and the rest of the
guys will follow soon. Watch for yourself at http://www.encycmet.com. More
stuff will be added soon

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