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                          ISSUE #35, 12 Apr 1999

EDITORIAL. Metallica just started their new tour in Honolulu. We will try
to cover this tour as good as possible but please note that I need all the
hlp I can get with play-lists and gig-reports. Visit my site for the
latest news at http://www.encycmet.com

                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)

==== WOODSTOCK UPDATE =============================================
31 Acts Announced for Woodstock '99 in New York. Limp Bizkit? Korn? Rage
Against the Machine? Metallica? It's not your father's Woodstock.

That's precisely the point. Woodstock '99 promoters announced a 31-act
lineup Thursday geared to teens and 20-year-olds that, so far at least,
doesn't include one performer from the namesake festival in 1969.

The Dave Matthews Band, Jewel, Metallica and Alanis Morissette are this
year's headliners for the three-day show, scheduled for July 23-25. It
will be held at Griffiss Park, an abandoned Air Force base in Rome, N.Y.,
about 50 miles west of Albany.

Organizers expect a crowd of about 250,000 people for the show, which also
features Fatboy Slim, Sugar Ray, Creed, Counting Crows, Rusted Root, the
Offspring, the Brian Setzer Orchestra, George Clinton and Willie Nelson.

Six acts that played the 25-year anniversary concert, which drew an
estimated 350,000 people to Saugerties, N.Y., are coming back: Metallica,
Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sheryl Crow, Live and Collective Soul.

"Three more days of mud, noise and logistical nightmares?" said Metallica
drummer Lars Ulrich. 
Wouldn't miss it for the world.''

Although DMX and Ice Cube are included, the lineup is short on rap acts.
Promoters say they expect to add six to 10 more acts.

Organizers promise better security than at the first two Woodstocks, which
were overrun by gatecrashers. Instead of the flimsy 6-foot chainlink fence
that surrounded the Woodstock '94 site, Griffiss will be ringed by a
12-foot plywood fence backed with steel girders.

Ticket packages including bus transportation will go on sale April 18,
with prices starting at $249.99. 

==== TOUR KICKOFF =============================================
Metallica did the firt show on the new tour yesterday, 11 April in
Honolulu, USA (Blaisdell Arena).

Metallica did about 2 hours and 20 minutes of playing time, with Monster
Magnet given about 40 minutes to open. That means 3 hours of fun. If
anyone of you were there, or are going to any of the shows, please send me
a gig report and playlist (if you have). I'll keep you all posted

You will find a picture from the sound-check on the news page at

==== METALLICA DAY =============================================
It was Metallica Day in San Francisco, declared so by Mayor Willie Brown
to honor the multiplatinum Bay Area band. It was the day Metallica would
get its own plaque on the Walk of Fame on Grove Street, outside of Bill
Graham Civic Auditorium — the first "modern" band to do so. But what did
it really mean?
"Does this mean we get free parking?" laughed vocalist James Hetfield to
the cheering crowd of metal-heads. Added guitarist Kirk Hammett: "Or can
we get all our parking tickets fixed?"

Metallica was clearly enjoying its day in the sun. After 15 years
together, after selling a mere 40 million albums, the recognition still
felt good.

"The first and most important thing to us is you, the fans," said bassist
Jason Newsted, and a roar went up. Probably 200 fans had heard about the
little-publicized event and showed up at the Wednesday afternoon ceremony,
prompting drummer Lars Ulrich to ask, "Shouldn't you guys be in school?"

BAM magazine editor Dennis Erokan introduced the band and played an
audiotape of interviews the band has given over the years.

As Hammett triumphantly proclaimed: "I love San Francisco. I was born
here, and I'll die here."

==== COMPLETE TOURDATES ========================================
11 - Honolulu, USA (Blaisdell Arena) * 
12 - Honolulu, USA (Blaisdell Arena) * 
14 - Anchorage, USA (Sullivan Arena) * 
21 - San Francisco, USA (Berkeley Community Theatre) 
22 - San Francisco, USA (Berkeley Community Theatre) 
30 - Mexico City, MEXICO (Foro Sol) * 
2 - Bogota, COLOMBIA (Simon Bolivar Park) 
4 - Caracas, VENEZUELA (Poliedro) 
6 - Porto Alegre, BRAZIL (Gigantinho) 
8 - Sao Paulo, BRAZIL (Sambodromo) 
9 - Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL (Sambodromo) 
12 - Santiago, CHILE (Velodrome) 
14 - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA (Velez Sarsfield) * 
15 - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA (Velez Sarsfield) 

21 - Nürnberg, GERMANY (Rock Im Park) 
22 - Nurburgring, GERMANY (Rock Am Ring) 
23 - Eindhoven, HOLLAND (Dynamo Open Air) 
25 - Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC (Athletic Stadium Slavia) 
26 - Berlin, GERMANY (Waldbuhne) 
28 - Stockholm, SWEDEN (Globen) 
29 - Oslo, NORWAY (Spektrum) 

1 - Warsaw, POLAND (Gwardia Stadium) 
3 - Budapest, HUNGARY (MTK Stadium) 
5 - Milan, ITALY (Gods of Metal Festival) 
7 - Ljubljana, SLOVENIA (Centralni Stadium Bezigrad) 
9 - Bucharest, ROMANIA (National Stadium) 
11 - Plovdiv, BULGARIA (Plovdiv Stadium) * 
12 - Athens, GREECE (Apollo Stadium) 
13 - Istanbul, TURKEY (Ali Sami Yen Stadium) 

25 - St. Gallen, SWITZERLAND (Open Air) * 
26 - Minden, GERMANY (Weserufer) 
27 - Kiev, UKRAINE (RockKiev) 
29 - Tallinn, ESTONIA (Song Festival Ground) 

1 - Roskilde, DENMARK (Roskilde Festival) 
2- Turku, FINLAND (Turku Festival) 
3 - Werchter, BELGIUM (Werchter Festival) 
5 - Dublin, IRELAND (The Point) 
7 - Paris, FRANCE (Omnisports Bercy) * 
8 - Eurockeennes, FRANCE (Eurockeennes de Belfort) 
10 - Milton Keynes, ENGLAND (Milton Keynes Bowl) 
12 - Barcelona, SPAIN (Palau St. Jordi) * 
14 - Gijon, SPAIN (Hippodromo Las Mestas) * 
15 - Madrid, SPAIN (Festinad) * 
16 - Lisbon, PORTUGAL (Lisbon Super Bock Super Rock) 

31 - Pontiac, USA (Silverdome) *
Please check my website for the latest updated tourdates at

==== BOOTLEG CD REVIEW =========================================
Metallica - Woodstock '94 CD
I got hold of a bootleg from the Woodstock festival 94 about six months
ago. I thougt it was a great consert but the sound was crappy.
Then three weeks ago I got hold of the same gig whit much better sound
(soundboard). I listened to it and I realised that it was one of the
greatest shows I ever listened to.

The intro is awesome, the announcer says that metallica won't make it
tonight and that the show is canceled. Then you hear some reactions
from the crowd and 1 second later James yells "Fuck you, Breadfan!" and
they go direct into the Budgie cover. Then it follows, a short
version of Master and a great 7 min. version of Roam. Harvester is played
and that is unusall. Fade, Nothing, One, Sad and Sandman comes during the
night, as they usually do.

The best one is Bellz, the best live version I ever heard. Lars starts the
crowd with his kickdrum and Jason just fooling around on the bass. Then
James introduces Jason, like a boxing announcer from Vegas would do, "In
this corner playing base guitar for the group
MetallicA. JASOOON  NEEEWSTED!!!!" Then Jason starts the base intro a
couple of times and James getting the crowd to scream, then the
song starts. Seek is a killer whit Jason on vocals.
The consert was ended with another cover, So What.
I would like to give it a 8 out of 10. A long version of Puppets and some
more songs, then it would be a 10 grade consert.
The sound is great 10/10.

My mess. to you is: Try to get a copy of this show and you will not be
Intro (Ecstasy of Gold)
Master of Puppets
Wherever I May Roam
Harvester of Sorrow
Fade to Black
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Seek & Destroy
Nothing Else Matters
Creeping Death
Sad But True
Enter Sandman
So What
BY: Angus

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==== MOST POPULAR RECORDINGS ===================================
Weekly charts for the nation's most popular recorded music as they appear
in the April 17, 1999 issue of Billboard magazine. 

(Compiled from a national sample of airplay supplied by Broadcast Data
     1. "Heavy" Collective Soul. Atlantic.
     2. "Mas Tequila" Sammy Hagar. MCA.
     3. "One" Creed. Wind-up.
     4. "Whiskey In The Jar" Metallica. Elektra.
     5. "What It's Like" Everlast. Tommy Boy.

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