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                          ISSUE #32, 23 Mar 1999

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                                           Sem Hadland (Editor)

==== METALLICA'S SYMPHONY GIG =====================================
Pioneering metal rockers working on new tunes especially for April

Contributing Editor Brian Hiatt reports: 

NEW YORK -- The sight and sound of heavy metal rockers Metallica jamming
with 104 classically trained musicians may not be the only product of the
band's upcoming concerts with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

The goateed singer, whose onstage persona is one of rock's most
intimidating, wore a black velvet jacket and black pants, smiling easily
as he spoke backstage at Manhattan's Roseland Ballroom. He was there for
the presentation of the music industry's new diamond awards.

Metallica plan to play the U.S. leg of this year's Woodstock concert,
Hetfield added, which is set to take place July 23-25 in upstate New York.

The band was already slated to headline the European segment of the
Woodstock fest, which is scheduled for July 16-18 in Austria. Both shows
are part of Woodstock '99, which will commemorate the 30th anniversary of
the original festival held in Bethel, N.Y.

Steve Matrick, spokesperson for the company organizing the festival,
declined to comment on Metallica's participation in the U.S. concert, but
said that "theoretically, it would be quite possible" for a band to play
both the U.S. and European festivals.

A spokesperson for Metallica, who declined to be named, said the band's
appearance at the U.S. Woodstock is still being negotiated.

Hetfield, who was here along with bassist Jason Newsted, to accept a
diamond award honoring the more than 11 million copies sold of their 1991
album Metallica, said the band was excited about the possibilities for
their symphony concerts in April.

The band is preparing for the shows in collaboration with composer Michael
Kamen, who orchestrated the strings for Metallica's 1991 ballad "Nothing
Else Matters" (RealAudio excerpt) and who has experience working with rock

Hetfield said that Kamen is "writing out all the music for the orchestra,"
calling the composer "kind of the bridge between two worlds."

Kamen, who co-wrote the Bryan Adams hit "(Everything I Do) I Do It for
You" and has worked with such high-profile artists as Aerosmith, Bob
Dylan, David Bowie and Eric Clapton, said in January Metallica wouldn't
have to compromise their essence to perform with the orchestra.

"Let Metallica be Metallica. Let the San Francisco Symphony be the San
Francisco Symphony," he said. "We have more things in common than things
that are different, although the differences are spectacular."

Bob Ward, a French horn player with the San Francisco Symphony, said most
players were excited about the prospect of playing with Metallica.

"I think it's going to be a very interesting and unique thing. When else
in my life am I ever gonna get to do this?" Ward said.

Metallica's Newsted said Tuesday the band's biggest concern for the
concerts was how to incorporate their ultra-amplified sound with the much
softer tones of the orchestra.

"We know they can play, and they know we can play. It's just a matter of
figuring out the volume of each other," he said.

Metallica is not ready to begin work on a new studio album, Hetfield said,
and instead are concentrating their writing efforts on the new songs for
the concert, which he said the band will perform as long as they come
together well.

"We'll see what happens," Hetfield said.

In the meantime, it seems Metallica is keeping up with current music
trends -- Newsted expressed ambivalence over the current vogue for such
hip-hop-influenced metal bands as Limp Bizkit and Korn.

"It depends who it is," Newsted said. "There's some good and there's a lot
of fodder."

"We won't name names," Hetfield added, laughing. 
     source: www.sonicnet.com

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