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Photos 1990-95
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Encyclopedia Metallica today
  When:   Where:   Shots by:
  10 Aug 1991   Denmark   Sem Hadland
Trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, Lars' hometown to see Metallica, AC/DC and several other bands. Nice weather so the pictures turned out great.

- All 4 playing in the sun
- James and Jason
- James and Jason jamming
- Whole band again


Encyclopedia Metallica today
  When:   Where:   Shots by:
  14 Dec 1992   Oslo, Norway   Sem Hadland
As I was a writer for Scream Magazine I got a pass for this press conference; front row. 2 hours with Metallica and they were in a good mood

Lars and a nice collection of microphones
Kirk, James and Jason answearing questions
Kirk hypnoticing Jason
Kirk and Jason with awards
James with his award
Lars with his Norwegian platinum award


Encyclopedia Metallica today
  When:   Where:   Shots by:
  1st June 1993   Oulunkylš, Finland   Toni Kopra
Metallica played with support acts The Cult and Suicidal Tendencies. See more info on this gig here

Jason playing bass
Kirk banging
Kirk Playing
Jason at his best


Encyclopedia Metallica today
  When:   Where:   Shots by:
  20th June 1993   Basel, Switzerland   Tomi Besedic
There was an attendance of around 35'000 Fans. The arena is called St. Jakobs Football stadium. See the photos here

The stage
Lars and Kirk playing
Lars screaming to the crowd
Lars drumming
Kirk doing a solo
Jason and James. Jason singing
Typical nice photo of James
James flirting with the crowd
Close up of James
James with the mic
The whole band in action

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