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Metallica played live together with:

Metallica & Brad Parker
Concert Factory, Costa Mesa, CA - April 23 '82
When Jaymz and Lars still played with Dave Mustaine and Ron McGovney together, Brad Parker joined Metallica only for their 4th gig ever for playing the rythm guitar instead of Jaymz who only did the vocals for that one gig.

"Death Comes Ripping" with I4NI
"Kill 'Em All - Tour" '83
James performed this song of The Misfits on one gig with I4NI.

"The Money Will Roll Right In" with Armored Saint
Portland, Oregon - 1985
Metallica performed the song "The Money Will Roll Right In" by Fang together with the band Armored Saint.

"Halloween II" with Danzig
San Francisco, CA - January 5 '89
James and Kirk performed this song of The Misfits live with Danzig

Metallica & John Marshall
During the "Ozzy-tour" after James' accident
After James' skateboard accident John Marshall, Kirk's long time friend and guitar roadie was the natural choice to fill in for James to handle his rythm guitar duties, because he was with their songs. James ended up at the mic untill he recovered from his injuries.

Hollywood Palladium - Hollywood, CA - November 09th 1990
At the party for 'Rip Magazine' band members of 'Guns and Roses' Axl Rose, Slash, Duff, Sebastian Bach performed together with Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett as 'Gak'.

"Nothing Else Matters" with Chris Isaak
Bay area radio station - San Francisco, CA - '91
Chris Isaak sung together with Jaymz "Nothing Else Matters" at a San Francisco radion station.

Metallica & Jim Martin
Black Album Tour - Summer of '92
James sang together live on stage with Jim Martin from the band Faith No More on a few gigs.

Metallica & Nicko McBrain
Florida - '92
Nicko McBrain the drummer of Iron Maiden joined Metallica on stage during Lars' drum solo.

Metallica & John Marshall (II)
Metallica + Guns'n'Roses - Tour '92
Whilst James was still injured after he get burned during the Metallica + Guns'n'Roses tour in the show in Montreal, John Marshall was called to help Metallica out again. John took over the rythm guitar and James only sang again.

"So What" with Exalt
Wembley Arena in London, UK - October 25 '93
Metallica played this song together with the singer of the Anti-Nowhere League - who originally released this song.

"Am I Evil" & "Helpless" with Diamond Head
N.E.C. in Birmingham, UK - November 5 '93
Metallica played these two songs together with the four original members of Diamond Head - the band who originally released these two songs.

"London Dungeon" with Danzig
Chicago, IL - July 3 '94
Although Metallica already performed a short version of the song "London Dungeon" from The Misfits a few times over the years they've been on stage, the first time they performed the full version of that song was with Danzig at this date.

"Rapid fire" with Rob Halford
Bicentennial Park - Miami, Florida - August 21 '94
Rob Halford ex-vocalist of Judas Priests sang the Judas Priests song "Rapid Fire" together with the Metallica.

"Last Caress" with Jim Martin
Slims Show (Fan Club Concert) - 1996
Jim Martin joined Metallica on stage to perform Danzig's song "Last Caress". This performance is available on the "Fan Can 2 CD".

"Overkill" with Lemmy Kilmister
Lollapalooza concert - Irvine, California - 1996
Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead joined Metallica to perform Motörhead's "Overkill".

"Tuesday's Gone" with Jerry Cantrell & John Popper
Bridge Benifit Concert - 1997
Metallica performed together with Jerry Cantrell, John Popper Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Tuesday's Gone".

"Last Caress" with John Popper
Bridge Benifit Concert - 1997
Metallica performed together with John Popper the song "Last Caress" from Danzig.

"Low Man's Lyric" with David Miles
Bridge Benifit Concert - 1997
Metallica performed together with David Miles the song "Low Man's Lyric" from Metallica.

"Stranglehold" with Ted Nugent
Palace of Auburn Hills - Michigan - February 22 '97
Ted Nugent came on stage and sang this tune with James together

"The Four Horsemen (acoustic)" with Jerry Cantrell
Boston - July (?) '98
Jerry Cantrell joined Metallica to play the acoustic version of Metallica's song "The Four Horsemen" during an acoustic set in 1998.

"S&M" - Symphony Orchestra Shows
Berkeley Community Theatre - SF, CA - April 21 + 22 1999
Metallica did two shows together with the 'San Francisco Symphony Orchestra' in the Berkeley Community Theatre. They exclusivly played two new songs ("-Human", "No Leaf Clover") which were also exclusivly composed by Metallica only for playing them on these two shows. The whole show appears on the album "S&M".

"Creeping Death" by 'Panterica'
Mexico City - April 30 '99
Pantera frontman Phil "Animal" Anselmo joined Metallica on stage in Mexico City. The quintet performed Creeping Death to the delight of 50,000 Mexican fans.

"Mercyful Fate" with King Diamond & Hank Sherman
Gods of Metal Festival - Milan, Italy - June 5 1999
Metallica made a nice surprise in Milan when they invited King Diamond and Hank Sherman from Mercyful Fate for playing with them the 12 minutes long "Mercyful Fate - Medly".

"Whiskey in the Jar" with Eric Bell
The Point - Dublin, Ireland - July 5 1999
Cause of being in Ireland the metguys naturely more or less had to play "Whiskey in the Jar" - so they did, along with Thin Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell on stage.

"Detroit Rock City" with Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Sevendust
Silverdome - Detroit - December 31 1999
On the New Years Eve show they played "Detroit Rock City" (originally by Kiss) right at the beginning of the new year with Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Sevendust.

"Turn the Page" with Kid Rock and Kid Rock guitarist Kenny
Minneapolis - January 9 & 10 2000
Kid Rock and guitarist Kenny joined the band for playing "Turn the Page" together.

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" with Joe C, Jason and Clint
Minneapolis - January 10 2000
Joe C and Jason (from Kid Rock) and Clint (Sevendust) added their voices to "For Whom the Bell Tolls".

Metallica Allstar Jams
Summer Sanitarium Tour - July 07,08,09 2000
After having problems with his back James was in the hospital and could not make it to these three live shows. So members of the opening bands 'KoRn', 'System Of A Down' and 'Kid Rock' filled in on rythm and vocals. The following shows when James was back on stage he sat out during "Whiplash" for getting his back iced and Jason did the vocals.
Metallica added Make-Up shows to their tour for 'compensating' the fans who got to a gig where James couldn't get on stage. It was determined that the bonus shows should take place as close to the original sites as possible. In order to accommodate fans' schedules, Metallica was giving fans a choice between two dates in each city. Additional tickets were not sold for this special engagement - only the old ticket's stub was a valid ticket.

High Maintenance
Fillmore, San Francisco - May 07th 2002
Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas played their last of three shows. In the middle of the show Sammy invited his friend and Van Halen bass player Michael Anthony on stage. They played a few Van Halen songs and got the crowd goin'. After that he asked Michael: "Hey Michael, do you remember who was on the Monsters of Rock tour with us? Let's see...it was Van Halen, Scorpions, Dokken, Kingdom Come, and then it was .....METALLICA".
Suddenly, Lars and Kirk walked on stage. Sammy introduced the band as "High Maintenance" (an inside joke) which consisted of: Sammy Hagar - Vocals, Michael Anthony - bass, Lars Ulrich - drums, Kirk Hammett - guitar and Victor Johnson on rhythm guitar. They kicked into 4 songs from the first Montrose album (Sammy Hagar's first band) - "Rock the Nation", "Space Station #5", "Rock Candy" and "Bad Motor Scooter".

SPUN (Metallica + Bob Rock)
Club Kimo's, San Francisco - June 04th 2002
Bob Rock was filling in for the not yet found replacement for Jason Newsted on bass. This was Metallica's first live appearance since November 2000. On this secret gig Metallica played four "The Ramones" cover songs along with some old met-classics like the rarely live-heard "Hit The Lights" plus a completly new Metallica song demo entitled "Dead Kennedy Rolls".

Metallica played in a studio with:

"Nothing Else Matters" with Michael Kamen
One On One recording studio, Los Angeles, CA - '91 June '91
Michael Kamen composed the orchestration on "Nothing Else Matters" as it appears on the "Metallica" album.

"The Memory Remains" with Marianne Faithfull
The Plant Studios - Sausalito, CA - '97
Marianne Faithfull sung with Metallica together on "The Memory Remains" for the album "ReLoad".

"Low Man's Lyric" with David Miles & Bernado Bigalli
The Plant Studios - Sausalito, CA - '97
David Miles played the hurdy gurdy and Bernado Bigalli the violin which can be heared in the background of the song "Low Man's Lyrics" for the album "ReLoad".

Metallica & Friends
KSJO FM Radio Station - San Jose, CA - 18.12.1998

James Hetfield
Jason Newsted
Kirk Hammet
Lars Ulrich
Jim Martin
Jerry Cantrell
Les Claypool
Pepper Keenan
Sean Kinney
John Popper
Gary Rossington
Ted Nugent
- guitar & vocals
- bass & backing vocals
- guitar & backing vocals
- drums & backing vocals
- drums & backing vocals
- guitar & backing vocals
- banjo & backing vocals
- guitar & lead vocals in the 2nd verse
- drums & backing vocals
- harmonica & backing vocals
- guitar & backing vocals
- guitar & backing vocals

"We Did It Again" featuring JaRule
Rapper JaRule featured Metallica (actually Lars & Kirk) for a rap compilation. Metallica simply did the instrumental parts on that track. Though recorded in August 2001 (during James' rehab and Jason Newsted's split with Metallica) the song was released in May 2002.

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