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Wherever I May Roam (Hetfield/Ulrich)

The song "Wherever I May Roam" became a kind of hymn for the "Nowhere Else To Roam" tour.


The song live:

For the "S&M" shows Kirk played an electric sitar for the intro of "Wherever I May Roam". Normally the sitar intro is just played from a tape for the live shows.

The intro:
James played the intro with a sitar which is an Indian folk instrument.

The background:
Lars used some further percussion and electronic sound effects for enriching the sound of the background.

The video:
The music video was premiered by Mtv on 21st May 1992 and was directed by Adam Dubin and Wayne Isham who also directed the "Enter Sandman" video.

The cover:
Apocalyptica covered it for their debut album in 1996.

Song Interpretation (assumed):
This song is about the band being on tour and leaving their girlfriends, friends, and loved ones behind. In the lyrics the band is compared with a roaming vagabond whose soul keeps on roaming even after his death. It could also be about having or maybe even missing the freedom.

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