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Astronomy (Pearlman/A. Bouchard/J. Bouchard)

Blue Öyster Cult the song writer of "Astronomy" mainly wrote savy garage noir songs about biker wars and adolescent meltdown.

Garage Inc.

The cover of:
The song "Astronomy" was originally released by the band Blue Öyster Cult in 1974 on the album "Secret Treaties".

What Metallica says about it:
James: "That song has always been pretty epic to me. Listening to the song, we thought whether we should even fuck with it because it's so sacred. We tried it and it came out pretty well."

Jason chose a song of the "Blue Öyster Cult" because in his teenage concert-going days he saw that band more times than any other band "because they toured more than any other band".
source: 'Garage Inc' booklet


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