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Free Speech For The dumb (Morris/Wainwright/Molaney/Roberts)

Garage Inc.

The cover of:
The song "Free Speech For The Dumb" was originally released by Discharge in 1982 on their album "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing".

The subject matter:
Although its lyrics consist just of an one-liner it could be interpretated in two ways. Either it can be taken word-to-word or as a oxymoron because sometimes a mute person is called dumb so the line "Free speech for the dumb" could be used as "Free speech for the mute".

What Metallica says about it:
James: "I think we've slowed it down a little bit and tuned it down to get more 'chug' out of the riff. I like to think that they were the first crossover band, even before us, as in combining aggression and good riffs."


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