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Turn the Page (Seger)

It was the first single release of the "Garage Inc." album. Its video got a lot of attention because its story is about a prostitute.

Garage Inc.

The cover of:
The song was originally released by Bob Seger in 1973 on the "Back in '72" album.

The subject matter:
It is about the other side of a band's life on tour. The deafening silence after the audience leaves, the loneliness of hotel rooms and the stares in restaurants.

What Metallica says about it:
About three years before Metallica recorded "Garage Inc." Lars listened to Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" whilst he drove across the Golden Gate Bridge he was impressed how good Seger described the stupefying stuff the fans never see when a band is touring.

Lars: "That song has James Hetfield written all over it."

James: "I heard a song on the radio singing about the road life, a kind of somber, gruff, honest lyric in there. I kinda felt it could be Bob Seger, but the lyric and song itself was great. So it's all to do with that song rather than Bob Seger itself. The lyrics are us. We've been road dogs since day 1."


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