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Hit The Lights (Hetfield/Ulrich)

The song "Hit The Lights" appeared as Metallica's first vinyl release in a slight rougher form on the "Metal Massacre I" compilation album of which were more than 100.000 copies sold before either Cliff Burton or Kirk Hammett joined the band. Their first demo "No Life 'Till Leather" included this song too.

The song is about Metallica and their fans and how they are acting on their gigs. The lyrics are speaking for itselves.

Kill 'Em All

The song live:
"Hit The Lights" was the opener song for Metallica's early live shows.

The subject matter:
The subject matter of the song is just to whip up their fan's emotions.

"No life 'till leather"
In the 80's the word 'leather' had been used by a lot of metal bands because the word seemed cool and rough. Metallica also called their first demo tape "No Life 'Till Leather".


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