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Fuel (Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammett)

This song was the third single release of the "ReLoad" album.


The "Fuel" demo:
The demo version of "Fuel" has been named "Fuel For Fire" and was recorded in 1995. This version has some different lyrics than the version of "Fuel" which appeared on ReLoad. "Fuel" with the demo version's lyrics also appeared in the "Cunning Stunts" video. Sometimes before the actual song starts Kirk and Jaymz even play their guitars in a way that it sounds like a manual transmission car speeding.

The appearence of "Fuel" in video games:
Electronic Arts released a racing game called "Hot Wheels Turbo". It was released both for Nintendo 64 and Playstation in '99. But only the Playstation version has Metallica's song "Fuel" on it.

Metallica's song "Fuel" also appears as the lead track on the soundtrack to the PlayStation 2 game "Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open" by Infogrames. The soundtrack also include songs by Digital Assassins, 303 Infinity, Fear Factory, Un Loco, and more.

Fuel on ice:
The profesionel NHL hockey team Philadelphia Flyers used the song "FUEL" before every of their home matches for a couple of seasons. But it also appears before and after commercials during NASCAR racings as well.

The subject matter:
It is about the people's desire to drive their car or even their life too fast (for example by taking drugs).


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