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Low Man's Lyric (Hetfield/Ulrich)


The song live:
The song was played live the first time as the opener of a Metallica gig on the 18th october in '97 in San Fransisco, CA. It was sometimes played as an acoustic version only on Metallica's "Poor Touring Me '97" and "Poor Re-Touring Me '98" tours as on "MTV's ReLoad, Rehearse, and Request" on 21th march in '98 in San Francisco, CA.

The demo:
The song's demo was named "Mine Eyes" and was recorded on October 30, 1995.

The background:
On this song's background can be heared a hurdy gurdy which was played by David Miles. A hurdy gurdy, which sounds similar to an accordion or keyboard, uses a crank to play strings and buttons to produce various notes. And in its background it can also be heared a violin which is played by Bernardo Bigalli.

The subject matter:
It tells about a homeless man's thoughts.


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