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Who's who?
Here I've tried to write some words on every person that has been involved in the band in one way or another. Producers, friends, artists etc.

Andy Battye
Jayms' guitar roadie

John Bush
John Bush is currently the lead singer for Anthrax, formerly the singer for Armored Saint. John is a tremendously gifted vocalist who was asked to join the band just previous to "Ride The Lightning", this move would have enabled James to handle rhythm guitar only. James, at this point was still not very confident about playing guitar AND singing.

Paul Curcio
Producer of Kill'em All.

Jim David
Owner of One on One recording studios in Hollywood. "The black album" and "...And Justice For All" were recorded there.

Mark Devito
Mark Devito (and Pushead) do a majority of the artwork for T shirts and merchandise

Steve Doherty
He tought Cliff playing the bass from end of the year 1978 to the beginning of 1980. Steve introduced Cliff several styles ranging from Classical to Jazz.

Adam Dubin
directed the video for "Nothing Else Matters" and the behind-the-scenes footage in the video for "Wherever I May Roam". The footage for these two videos was part of the footage from his two part documentary on Metallica, "A Year And A Half In The Life". A graduate of New York University film school.

Ross Halfin
Metallicas photograph on many of their tours. You can find his work on many of their albums, as well as in tour programmes, magazines etc. Mr. Halfin has also worked for Iron Maiden, and other famous metal bands

Rebecca Hammett
Kirk's ex-wife

Zach Harmon
Jason's bass roadie

Tomi Iommi
Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath taught James his guitar tecniques.

Wayne Isham
directed the videos for "Enter Sandman", "Wherever May I Roam", and "Sad But True". Also directed the San Diego portion of "Live Shit: Binge And Purge" which he used footage from to make the videos for "Roam" and "Sad...". A great video director who has worked with many different artists including a great deal of work with Bon Jovi. He won a MTV Video Vanguard Award with Bon Jovi at the VMAs one year.

Ken "3AM" Jack
On the Ride thi Lightning thank you list you'll find the Ken 3am mentioned. His really name is Ken Jacobsen, an old friend of the band. He is credited in "Ride The Lightning" as Ken "3AM" Jack because, according to James and Ken, they went to his apartment at 3 in the morning looking to borrow his acoustic guitar. This is the acoustic guitar you hear on "Ride...", as they could not find a guitar to sound right.

Fleming Larsen
Lars Ulrich's drum roadie. Lars is Danish, so is Fleming, and that's the reason why you can see a Danish flag on the live drum kit.

Matt Mahurin
directed the vidoes for "The Unforgiven" and "King Nothing". Was asked to direct "One" but turned it down because he didn't want to deal with the footage from "Johnny Got His Gun". Another superb director who has worked with everyone from Motley Crue to Bonnie Raitt. Directed a number of videos for Queensryche as well.

John Marshall
John Marshall was Kirks' long time friend and guitar tech (or roadie) at the time of James' "accident" during the Ozzy tour. John was the natural choice to fill in for James' rhythm playing because he was familiar with the songs. John subsequently joined Metal Church, but was called to fill in for James when James got burned on the Met/G'n'R tour in 1992.

Jim Martin (ex - Faith No More)
He regularly hangs out, goes hunting with James Hetfield. Besides Hetfield singing on Jim's Milk & Blood album, they both were very close friends with Cliff Burton.That's how Jim met James. Martin also jams with Jason Newsted all the time.

Dan Murphy
Kirk's guitar technician

Judy Newsted
Jason's ex-wife

The artist who have painted the album cover for One, as well as many T-shirt designs etc. His work are well known, and his style is unique. He has also worked for other bands like Misfits, and is now working for Kerrang magazine. His real name is Brian Schroeder.

Flemming Rasmussen
He is working in Sweet Silence studios in Kopenhagen, Denmark, that is where "Ride the lightning", and "Master of puppets" were recorded. He produced (or coproduced) of these albums as well as "... And Justice For All"

Bob Rock
A well known producer who has produced many top selling hard rock albums as well as the "black album" and load. When they were looking for a new producer for the black album Lars and James flied over to Vancouver to hang out with Bob Rock a couple of days, to see if he was the right person for the job, and he was. He had a big influence on the music, both on the black album and on "load".

Skylar Satinstein
Lars got married to her in a small ceremony in Las Vegas. She is is a medical student specializing in internal medicine. Jayms was their main man.

Joe Satriani Joe is a well know "guitar hero" and was Kirk's guitar teacher.

Anrdes Serrano
The image on the cover of "Load" is a photograph called "Blood and Semen III" by Anrdes Serrano. It was done by mixing bovine blood and the artist's own semen between two sheets of plexiglass. Kirk discovered the photo while looking through a collection of the artist's work at a bookstore.

Brian Slagel
The person who told Lars and James about this great bassist in Los Angeles Cliff Burton. Brian was also the first who got Metallicas signature on a contract in 1981when he released the compilation "Metal massacre".

Corrosion of Conformity
Jaymz did recording workfor Corrosion of Conformity on their song "Man or Ash" on the a,bum "Wiseblood". His growling vocals are heard during the chorus saying, "These are, primitive, times!

Torben Ulrich
The father to lars was a well known tennis player in Denmark.

Alan Molder
Alan Molder has engineered the Until it sleeps (Herman Meville mix) which is available on the "Until it Sleeps" single part 2. Hes work can also be heard on Nine Inch Nails CD called "Downward Spiral".

Ron Quintana
The person who first came up with the name "Metallica". He was doing a metal magazine called "Metallica", but had to re-name it to Metal mania when Lars and Jayms stole the name.
John and Marsha Zazula
A couple from NYC, that owed a music store called "Rock'n'Roll Heaven". When John first heard the No Life 'Til Leather demo he invited the band for the first tour on the east coast (the tour that Dave was fired and replaced by Kirk). John was trying to find a label that would sign Metallica for a debut album. He didn't find any so he founded Megaforce which released Kill'em All and first print of Ride The Lightning

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