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ESP WaveCaster

Costum ESP built by Matt Masciandaro This odd electric guitar has a hollow and transparent plexi-glass body which is filled with blue wave machine fluid. It has a rosewood fretboard, a standard ESP neck and a natural headstock. Its body design is an ESP Telecaster model.

As you can see at the picture on the right side the blue fluid seperates into a blue and a clear one at the bottom when the guitar is not being moved.

  • Model: ESP WaveCaster
  • Basis model: ESP Telecaster
  • Color (body): Blue fluid in a hollow
    plexiglass body
  • Color (neck/headstock): Natural wooden
  • Inlays: Dot
  • Pickups: EMG-81 humbucker
  • Hardware: 1 volume control
  • Can be seen: "Cunning Stunts"
    ("Am I Evil")

    Only used live: "Cunning Stunts"

    The custom ESP guitar (the picture on the right side):
    Instead of the standard neck with the simple dot inlays of Kirk's guitar, that one has devil inlays like the ESP signature KH-1 model. The headstock is black instead of the natural colored headstock of Kirk's guitar. At the top of the custom guitar's headstock is another devil like the inlay devils and it has different tuners on it.

    Kirk on stage with his... ... WaveCaster in 'Cunning Stunts'

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