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The Fancan with CD and live video, t-shirt and more The Metallica Club was formed in 1993 by members of the band for the benefit of their friends and fans (that's you, pal). Unlike most other "fan clubs," The Metallica Club is a real part of the band-- fully owned and operated by Metallica itself as opposed to some faceless corporation out to make a quick buck at your expense.

Enter the lottery for a chance to meet the band backstage next time you go to a show, get the t-shirt, the magazines, the CDs made for members only, the members only website and more. For a true fan, there is no excuse not to be a member. Join now! :Sem Hadland

There are two types of memberships, and I will recomend the Premier level. The two levels are

Standard membership:
Cost $25 U.S. Dollars within the USA.
$35 U.S. Dollars outside the USA. (International Standard)
Copies of SO WHAT magazine The basic subscription package. This includes a years subscription to Metallica's own SO WHAT! magazine, a 48-page (or more) Magazine stuffed with exclusive not-available-anywhere-else interviews with the guys, superb artwork and many other rare and exciting Metallibits and pieces. Ability to purchase exclusive and discounted Metallica merchandise through mail/ fax order only.

Premier membership
Cost $45 U.S. Dollars within the USA.
$60 U.S. Dollars outside the USA. (International Premier)
In addition to the yearly subscription to SO WHAT!, you will also receive an annual membership package consisting of: You will get backstage passes when you are a member

  • Club t-shirt with a new design each year
  • Personalized membership card
  • Printed autographed band photo
  • an introductory letter from Jayms
  • Chances to get backstage passes
  • Ability to purchase exclusive merchandise
  • Opportunity to purchase tickets to every show
  • Access to the "Members Only" section of metclub.com, with exclusive photos, videos, and up to the minute news

  • I have been a member to the club for more than 10 years and I can highly recomend you to join! :Sem Hadland

    Join now!
    simply print out and fill in this form, and send it to the club (Address on application). You can pay by check, money order (Money order can be bought at your local bank or post office) or credit card. No cash. Your package will be sent to you when the next issue of So what is released. This is also when you will get the password to the fanclub site. Membership application

    Me and my wife backstage with Metallica
    Me and my wife backstage with Metallica on the 2008 world tour.

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