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James' projects before Metallica:

Obsession: at 'Downey Highschool'
James Hetfield - rhythm guitar & vocals
Jim Arnold - lead guitar
Ron Veloz - bass
Rich Veloz - drums

Garage band after 'Obsession':
James Hetfield - guitar
Jim Mulligan - drums
Troy ? - bass?

Phantom Lord:
James Hetfield - guitar & vocals
Jim Mulligan - drums
Hugh Tanner - guitar

Leather Charm:
basicly like 'Phantom Lord'
+ Ron McGovney - bass

James' projects beside Metallica:

Spastik Children
San Francisco, CA 1986-1990
The lineup:

Fred Cotton - vocals
James Hetfield - drums & vocals
Cliff Burton - bass & vocals
Jim Martin - bass & vocals
James "Flunky" McDaniel - guitar & vocals

After Cliff's death Kirk and Jason took over his bass duties

South Park Movie - 'South: Bigger, Longer and Uncut'
James can be heared singing the vocals in a short heavy song called "Little Boy, You're Going To Hell" during the part when Kenny goes to hell.

Bands James has played live with:

Queen, Tony Iommi & James Hetfield- Stone Cold Crazy
Freddie Mercury Concert For Life - 1992
James sang 'Stone Cold Crazy' together with the remaining members of Queen and Tony Immoni from Black Sabbath.

Motörhead & James Hetfield- Overkill
'Maritime Hall' San Francisco, CA - May 28 2000
Right before Motörhead played the last song on their gig, James Hetfield came on stage, grabbed a guitar and said "These are the godfathers of heavy metal" and then he jammed with them on Overkill.

Misfits & James Hetfield- Last Caress & Die, Die My Darling
'Maritime Hall' San Francisco, CA - November 17 2000
During this Misfits gig James went on stage to sing "Last Caress" and later in the set "Die, Die My Darling" together with the Misfits.

Bands James has recorded with:

Danzig - 'Twist of Cain'
James is doing the backing vocals on Danzig's first album in the song 'Twist of Cain' according to Danzig's ex-bassist Eerie Von.

Danzig - 'Possession' & 'Am I Demon?'
James is singing the backing vocals on Danzig's first album in the songs 'Possession' and 'Am I Demon?' too.

Corrosion of Conformity - 'Man or Ash'
James can be heared singing the backing vocals in this song on the Corrosion of Conformity album 'Wiseblood'.

Green Jelly - '3 Little Pigs'
James is helping out with doing the backing vocals in this song.

Jim Martin - 'Milk & Blood'
James sings the backing vocals on Jim Martin's first solo album 'Milk and Blood' on the song "Barsoap Hair" and probably on the song "Disco Dust" too.

Primus - 'Eclectic Electric'
James plays together with Jim Martin and Primus on their album which is called "Anti-Pop" on the nine-minute song "Eclectic Electric".

Gov't Mule's - 'The Deep End Vol. 2.'
The song with James is called "Drivin' Rain" and he sings the second verse and so on.

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